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12/16/11 12:24 P

I did 10 minutes yesterday and today and I feel that was alot. I did aerobic class, maybe it was too much. Your body can tell. If you are up to challenging yourself, do it. But don't snap anything. I am so amazed that you can do 1 hour on the elliptical. That is extradinary. I can't wait to get to more than 10 but I just started that machine this week. I cant go that fast or I might fall off. But I am coming to love it

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12/16/11 11:58 A

I always exercise more when on vacation or a break (I work at a school). I obviously can't maintain it forever but I always feel good when I work out more, even if for a limited time.

Two-a-days are great if you do two different things like other people mention here. Cardio in the am and strength in the pm? Swim in the morning, elliptical in the evening? Skip if you feel like it? I think "break" is a great time to recharge and you should do what you think fills up your battery!

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12/16/11 11:39 A

Thanks and appreciate the kind words. I am am being very careful with the workouts, watching what I eat and eating to maintain energy and strength, and am resting to repair the body.

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12/16/11 10:33 A

I don't do two a days because I know that I can't maintain it. I don't see the point of doing 2-a-days just for a few weeks while you're on break.

12/16/11 10:19 A

" I'm thinking of stepping it up to twice a day while I'm on break. Is this a good idea or would I be overdoing it? I only do about an hour on the elliptical each time."

Some people can pull it off fine.. especially if you don't do the elliptical very intensely or for very long. Just be on the lookout for symptoms of "over-training", which can include : constant fatigue or soreness, elevated resting heart rate, getting sick more often, or feeling stressed out. Getting a good night's sleep is important - that's when your body recovers from exercise.

I agree about getting into the habit of doing strength training regularly. Just start with a reduced session of both cardio and ST the first few weeks, while your body adapts to both.

Good luck!

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12/16/11 10:16 A

Don't get burnt out!!

I agree that you really need to add strength training. You will really start to see a difference when you do!!!

I was a victim of over-training. I worked out 6 days a week... two of them twice a day. It is not worth it. You just get fatigued, possibly injured and if you are like me you just lose time trying to recover!!

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12/16/11 8:41 A

don't start or do anything that you can't maintain for the rest of your life.

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12/16/11 6:18 A

Doing two-a-day's now and have kicked up eating to make sure I am getting the fuel to go the distance. I start the day with a cycle/Spinning class (60 minutes: which I lead) and 11-12 min/mile running (about 30 min). The do a crossfit workout with boxing in the evenings. I have been working a lot of cardio but have missed the strength training aspect, even if it is bodyweight and functional-type workouts. I see and feel the difference.

Stay strong, stay focused, never quit, never surrender!

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12/15/11 11:24 P

Agree with Nancy wholeheartedly.

I'd also add, why do I notice a conspicuous lack of strength training? Doing two hours of cardio a day is a complete waste of time unless you're training to be an athlete or for a distance event such as a marathon/half-marathon.

Now, if you were to do two-a-days, which I DO NOT recommend, here's what I would say: start the morning off with a good, full-body strength training workout. Then, rest up, refuel, rehydrate, wait and relax. Then, do a 30-40 minute cardio session in any manner you want. Ice up afterwards, then take the next day off. Now, since you should already be planning to take a day off between ST, why not move that cardio from your ST day to your "rest" day? Way simpler and way healthier for you.

Two-a-days are for athletes, and research is documenting that it's probably more dangerous than effective, actually. Finally, should you do two-a-days, or significantly ramp up your exercise compared to what you had been doing, you MUST ramp up your eating to compensate. I don't mean cookies and burgers, but good, healthy food. You could work out and burn 2,000 calories a day through exercise alone (then add your BMR) and not eat enough and your body will start to shut off the fat burning process. I did two-a-days once, didn't eat enough, and gained fat. Don't do it, it's going to backfire physically, emotionally, and mentally.

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12/15/11 9:13 P


I think being active is important, but remember you can't rush the process to gain health and fitness and as important as exercise is, remember that it is during the time you are not working out that your body makes the adaptation to the exercise you just did. I think doing a nice workout and then maybe going for a walk later in the day would be fine, but if you are working to make for lost time, remember this is a life-long journey and you will have plenty of time.

Coach Nancy

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12/15/11 8:53 P

I just finished my last final of the semester, meaning I have a ton of time on my hands for the next month. I only started going to the gym habitually 10 days ago, but I'm thinking of stepping it up to twice a day while I'm on break. Is this a good idea or would I be overdoing it? I only do about an hour on the elliptical each time.

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