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2/2/12 5:04 P

Thanks for all the suggestions. Give it a try.

2/2/12 12:43 P

Have to agree you need an Xray! Should not still be swollen! emoticon

2BEATIT1 Posts: 3,162
2/2/12 11:53 A

Wise to get an ex-ray. Could possibly have a hair-line fracture. The swelling after 3 day of icing sounds like there is more to it.

POGOMOP Posts: 115
2/2/12 11:52 A

get a foot bath or in the bathtub and dissolve several cups of epsom salts in hot hot water as hot as you can stand it. Soak for a good 20-30 minutes and then elevate with a heating pad for another 20 if you can spare it. The epsom salts draw out bad stuff, the heat will soothe and bring down inflammation. My old ankle injury has been really bothering me through the night and this morning I think I need a good soak as well

SONICB Posts: 4,378
2/2/12 11:49 A

Do you have health insurance that would cover an X-ray and physical therapy? I sprained my ankle back in August 2010. For the first three days, I followed the RICE routine religiously and eased up a little over the next couple of weeks (the ankle stayed swollen for a while)...


My ankle would occasionally swell if I went for a jog over the next few months. A friend of mine who had a similar injury went to the doctor and PT sessions, and he was doing things in two weeks that I had to wait months to do. I would really recommend getting in checked out to make sure there wasn't some serious ligament damage.

2/2/12 11:06 A

So I turned my ankle last Thursday. It is swelling again. What are your suggestions? I have been wrapping it in an ace bandage but didn't yesterday. I think that created the swelling again. Should I go back to icing? What about walking?

Thanks. Frustrated. I just re-committed myself and then boom!

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