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I don't know the answer to that either. I can say that Jennie-O Turkey Breakfast Sausage tastes great though and I think it was Hillshire Farms, it was a smaller kielbasa than the other equivalents because it was turkey, but it was very good as well. I add that to a potato base soup with kale, carrots and onions.

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Not sure if you mean breakfast sausage or other sausage....

But what I do know is that Butterball has Turkey Kielbasa and Smoked Turkey Sausage. Comes with two giant sausages. One sliced up is enough for a dinner for 2-3 people if you're mixing it with veggies/potatoes/saurkraut and has 350 calories in it.

I love to cook it with saurkraut because it has so few calories and I can split it up for my dinner and the next day's lunch. Even with 2 potatoes thrown in its still pretty low cal!

My simple recipe:
Package of sausage cut up (2 large links=700 calories)
2 medium russet potatoes sliced (110 each so 220 total)
Salt and pepper or other seasonings to taste
Total calories- 920. Split up into 2 meals= 460 calories.
(You could also add onion or other veggies for few extra calories)
Not bad for a TASTY dinner! You could easily divide it up 3 ways too for even less calories.

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I guess I can't really answer your question, because I haven't compared nutrition...but I love Trader Joe's turkey and chicken sausages. They come in all sorts of varieties (sweet italian, spicy italian, chorizo, roasted garlic, fontina cheese, etc) and theyre 100-140 calories each.

I cut them up real small so they stretch further, and use them in a wrap with onions, peppers and cheese for a quick lunch. Or saute one with some frozen spinach, then add eggs and scramble, and top with red sauce and parmesan cheese.

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1/24/13 6:18 A

What is the healthiest brand of turkey sausage?

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