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MAJONES1225 Posts: 6,855
1/20/13 11:39 P

I thank everyone for the reply. I do know that it take exercise as well to lose weight.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,128
1/20/13 8:59 P

Some variation of that has been around since forever. And it always gets yanked because it never works. My mom told me back in the fifties it was called a relaxisizer. You could relax while you exercised your mid section.

And then after it disappears a year or so later someone "invents" another one.

If it sounds to good to be true, then it is

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ETHELMERZ SparkPoints: (242,375)
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1/20/13 8:48 P

I'm curious as to the age of people that go for these gimmicks? This kind of scam has been going around since at least the 1950's, in the old Hollywood fan magazines of the day!! If our FDA would do something about these commercials and info commercials, people wouldn't be drawn into this stuff in the first place. After all these years, this stuff doesn't work, never has worked, never will work......................the old fashioned "eat less, move more" is basically IT. The current crop of Women's health magazines are no help, with cover's that show fitness models or celebs who have lost lots of weight, have trainers, household help, and TIME to just worry about their personal looks, and deal with that day in and day out, it ain't gonna happen for the majority of us...........and no guarantee it will bring true love and happiness, either, no matter how thin you get and tight your abs are!!

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (60,917)
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1/20/13 8:13 P

If it claims to reduce fat in your belly... SKIP IT.

There is nothing (and I mean nothing) that can spot reduce fat. No amount of crunches, vibrating, or weird belts can do that.

It will make you lighter... but only by removing money from your wallet.

From here at SP:

Let's run down the checklist for this one:

1. Does it sound too good to be true?

Yes, it does. Wear a belt, lose belly fat, you do nothing.

2. Does it target just one body part?


3. Does it fail to mention diet or nutrition?

Yep. You can lose weight with diet, but you don't need to with this!

4. Is it really that different?

Do you really think all those plastic surgeons would still be in business if this thing worked? It would be on the cover of every single magazine, newspaper, and website in the world.

5. Are the dramatic results what interest me?

Ask yourself this question, and be honest. Are you after healthy living, or do you really just want a quick fix without the work?

6. Is the creator of the product MIA?

Yep. No mention of the qualifications of the people who made this. Just mentions "university studies". That is literally as meaningless a statement as it gets!

7. Will it too hard or too easy for me to use?

Yep. You wear it. Pretty easy, sounds to me.

8. Do the testimonials come from paid actors?

Nope... but it does say "Clinical scenes recreated by volunteers that were not paid for their time."

Mmm hmm. They got some people to volunteer to "recreate" these scenes. IF you look at the front page of their website, all of their before/after pictures can easily be recreated with clothes and posture. Wear a pants-size too small and a poorly fitting top, slump and arch your back, you have a nasty before photo. Straighten up, wearing properly fitting clothes, and suck in your belly, and bam, instant "after" photo.

9. Does it have many negative reviews online?

Yep. Tons of them. Here's the top one:

Just read over the ones on Amazon!

10. Do you have to have it right now?

Ask yourself this. Why did you come here? Do you really want to spend $50 on this thing, which is little more than a compression belt? If you want to hold your tummy in, then go to Target or Walmart and get something for a quarter of that price, because that's all this sucker'll do.

Repeat after me: There are no shortcuts. There are no quick fixes. No miracle pills, magic sprinkles, or super fat-loss devices. YOu can't spot reduce. This is a simple, scientific fact.

Now stop watching those infomercials. They're made to manipulate you, and you're falling for it. Don't give them any more of your brain!

HAWTLIKEME SparkPoints: (21,813)
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1/20/13 7:52 P

Never heard of it, but it sounds right up my alley. Do you have a link to more information?

MAJONES1225 Posts: 6,855
1/20/13 6:44 P

Does anyone know if this product actually works?

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