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7/6/14 10:15 P


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7/6/14 5:09 P

Thanks you guys for your input. That was some seriously good advicethat I will actually try to use. emoticon

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7/6/14 7:48 A

Welcome and best wishes!

7/6/14 5:40 A

Yes, I agree with all that has been posted. Those are very good ideas for a way to get going on the program. All I can add is that once you begin to include exercise into your daily routine, and start drinking more water, and eating healthier, you WILL begin to feel better both physically and mentally. You WILL begin to feel more energetic, and you will see changes in your body. Feeling better and looking better/healthier can help you stay motivated to stick with the program.

I wish you the best in reaching all of your goals.


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7/5/14 7:19 P

Write down why you want to lose weight. List all the reasons why those extra pounds are burdensome. That is your motivation. Post them by your phone, in your car, on the bathroom mirror, next to the kitchen sink....

Part 2 is determining whether wanting to reach that goal is worth the effort needed to do so. If you do not think it is worth it, nobody else can help you to get there. If you DO think it is worth the trouble and hard work, nothing can stop you! We can encourage you, we can help you through the temptations and hard spots, but we cannot give you the motivation to do something that you do not want to do.

Part 3 is your plan. How do you plan to lose the weight that you have decided is worth the effort to lose? Will it be dieting? How? Calories? How many? Atkins? Weight Watchers? What kind of exercise and how much are you prepared to do at this point? If you don't have a plan, you will continue doing the same thing you are doing now and that isn't helping you to get to where you want to be..... which brings us to step 4...

Part 4- What is your goal? You can set an ultimate goal, but 50# is a lot to look at. You need to set smaller measurable goals. Not all of them should or have to do with weight. Perhaps it is to move for 10 minutes straight. That movement might be walking, dancing, jogging or marching in place. You might want to get below a certain milestone number (those over 200# tend to strive for ONE-derland). Or look at a 5% weightloss. YOU decide the goals.

Now put these all together and get this plan in motion.

MEASURE YOU SERVINGS! Our minds are sneaky and we vastly underestimate what we are eating.
TRACK EVERYTHING THAT GOES IN YOUR MOUTH! If you write it down, it is real. Don't try to remember at the end of the day. DO it immediately after you eat if not before.
MOVE! It probably won't be much at first. 15 minutes on the bike was hard for me at first and I had to ice my knee afterward. After several week I tried the elliptical trainer. I couldn't do a minute. Now I can do an hour without any problem.

The fact is, you CAN do this! I am proof of it.

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7/5/14 3:08 P

Hello. I've been on sparkpeople for a couple years but never gotten involved in any of the message boards or teams. I've read tons of articles and see how much help this site can truly be if you take advantage of all it has to offer. Ill be 35 in a week and a half, it just hour one year since my husband of eight yrs walked out on me for another woman, and I have just officially hit my heaviest alll time weight of my entire life. Not a great place top be emotionally right now. I also live 2800 miles away from all of my family and friends because I had moved halfway accrossed the country three years ago to be close to my husbands family. So the onlyeople I know outside of work are his family members. So not the best support system I got either. I am so disgusted with myself that ive actually allowed this to get this bad. I was never fat as a kid or even as a young adult. As a matter of fact I loved tp work out, I was in.amazing.shape and did I think I would up being the fat one. But then I started having kids and with each one got bigger and bigger, usually after the pregnancy is when I would gain the most cuz I would watch m weight during the actual pregnancy and then it would go to hell afterwards. So here I am now art 231.4 lbs. I have high blood pressure, my.back.hurts after.only standing for a few.minutes, and I literally feel sick every time I see myself naked. So it is so time to fix this. I can't stand living like this anymore. But how do you start. How do you get up and exercise every day when you don't even have enough energy to play.catch.with own kids. Every day I think how badly I want to live a healthy life and feel gpod and look good but then something happens during the day and by the time I go to bed each.night ive ate at least double the amount of calories that I should've and I haven't drank enough w water and most days o haven't exercised art all. So how do you start this new and actually make it stick for more than two days or two weeks. How do you get your mind right to make this permanent change?

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