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11/20/13 10:36 A

I googled that and it says you can you use paypal on craigslist but there are also a lot of warnings about scams so maybe not a great idea.

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11/20/13 9:18 A

These suggestions are great and helpful!

I can go to the library this weekend.
Or see how Amazon works for me.


I've used Craigslist once and I"m weary of that site. Can you use paypal w/Craigslist?

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11/18/13 6:25 P

Is there a public library nearby? They may have a digital camera that you could use to get the picture. They could then email you the picture. They could also scan the cover of the dvd case and email it to you.

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11/18/13 5:00 A

Not sure where you live but what about
If you have a facebook page you could also tell people there.

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11/17/13 9:19 P

You can sign up to sell through Amazon for any item they already carry. (Used included).
They set the shipping cost, which sucks, but you set the price.

Many record stores still sell used CDs and DVDs, as well; Newbury Comics in my area, for one...

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11/17/13 7:28 P

I've had success with ebay in the past and now ebay won't accept my photos from my camera phone - I don't have access to a digital camera.

Any other websites I can sell these? I've tried and gave me 5cents for one. that's not good.

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