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SLIM4LIFE09 Posts: 424
2/8/13 2:06 P

I hear ya! I'm a new mom (my LO is 13 months now)- I was on WW during my maternity leave and actually was hugely successful- er, kind of. I lost the weight I gained (unlike you I wasn't so healthy during my pregnancy) but now I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight (which is still overweight). However, I did lose 40 lbs on WW and it does work.
That being said, I'm back to Sparkpeople because money is tight and I've been gaining and losing the same 10 lbs since September. Time to change things up.

My suggestion- stick with the trainer and set some small goals for yourself such as increasing your water this week... next week, tracking all your food... next week, staying in caloric range... etc.

I know how tough it is to have a little one at home. For me, after we get him to bed and get evening chores done, I just want to sit and watch tv and have a snack and have "me time." But, my husband and I both know this has to change. We've started booking "exercise time" and taking turns leaving the house to go to the gym or just go for a walk or run outside. We've cut back on evening junk food and replaced it with small treats- for me, a cup of tea and a 1/2 cup of ice cream or other portion controlled snack is often just the treat I need to feel like I've had my "me time."

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2/8/13 12:45 P

One of the things I have started doing is using the sparks recipes and measuring my portions, and if I feel like I am still hungry I will wait 20 minutes and if I am still hungry I will eat a little bit more. But 90% of the time after 20 minutes I notice I feel full and really don't need seconds.

BILL60 Posts: 944,571
2/7/13 9:40 P

Welcome to SP and have a super journey.

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2/7/13 4:52 P

I was skinny 120 pounds until I remarried and my new husband didn't care if I cooked or not we ate fast food 75% of the time, the first year I gained 10 pounds and the second year another 10 pounds, I did this for 5 years and then I started on several different diets and I would lose a few pounds and I would get fed up and then I would eat. I got up to 198 and was diagnosed with hypertension, and depression. But I have decided I am going to do this the right way this time. One day at a time and if a cheat one day I can get back up and continue with my goals of being healthier,more active, and happier.

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2/7/13 3:51 P

We are very similar. I had my children at 39 and 41 and watched my diet very carefully and did all the right things and actually only gained 5 lbs/3lbs with each pregnancy. Within weeks of birth I was down 20+ lbs from my 'normal' weight, but the second child had some significant health issues which are now finally fully resolved and the hubby and I found that with the two children, one needing a tremendous amount of additional care that we migrated to way too much convenience foods/microwave meals, etc just because we were so tired. Ended up gaining about 45 lbs in the last 3 years, but now I've lost 49 and it's baby steps, but once you feel your clothes getting looser the motivation really kicks in. It's so easy for us moms to lose ourselves in favor of caring for our children, but I had to do something when my blood pressure and glucose skyrocketed. Now my policy is I am the most important person for myself just one hour each day, and everything is falling in line nicely. Best to you, you can do this!

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2/7/13 11:39 A

Wow, thank you! That kinda teared me up a little :)

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2/6/13 9:42 P

Check out the nutritional tracker. It was an eye opener for me.

FIT4MEIN2013 SparkPoints: (144,741)
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2/6/13 9:02 P

You did it before and succeeded, you can succeed again. We are here for you!

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2/6/13 5:28 P


DAREDYCAT SparkPoints: (481)
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2/6/13 4:17 P

Hi, I have a beautiful one year old son and I wish I could say I'm trying to lose the baby weight. Truth is, I lost all but 5 lbs after my son was only a couple weeks old. It was what came after that put the pounds on. During my pregnancy, I was super diligent about eating healthy for him. I had a trainer and worked out up until my 9th month. Even with a history of high blood pressure, I gave birth naturally. I felt great. Really accomplished and healthy! A new house, new baby and one year later I gained about 20 lbs eating all the wrong foods. Eating all the things I deprived myself of when I was pregnant. Eating for convenience. Eating as a reward for long nights, big bills...anything.
I have always had weight concerns, but I was pretty happy with my pre-baby weight of 160 because I could wear a size ten and I was working out. I still have a trainer who kicks my tush, but the weight keeps climbing. I feel defeated. I want to be a pretty Mommy and fiancé.
I'm 5'8", 39 years old and weigh 180 lbs now. I started Spark this past weekend. Gotta admit, it's been tough keeping in the calorie range even when I'm really trying.
Any advice for this new Mom who wants to feel like the old me? It would be greatly appreciated :)
Thank you!

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