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1/24/12 9:42 P

I've never juiced before but I would bet it'd help a lot. You'd be getting your servings of fruits and veggies and have a nice, low fat snack as well.

As for the Zumba thing...get the game, try it out and see how you like it. Then, if you like it and get use to it, see if there are classes around your area. I've never done Zumba classes before but I'd like to. I'm pretty sure they last about an hour. I'm waiting 'til I lose some of my weight before I even attempt going to a class. Haha.

EAT4HEALTH3 Posts: 47
1/24/12 9:29 P

I am debating on getting Zumba or not. I just don't want to get burnt out again, 12 years ago after I had my son, I nursed him, when on Weight Watcher and did Tae Bo, the fat melted off of me, I wished I would of kept going on to something more challenging, I just stopped and gained the weight. I regret that, I just don't want to end up doing that again!
Has anyone here do Juicing, like veggies and fruit? I hear it helps you lose weight and it fills you up before a meal! That could help out to lose weight. emoticon

1/24/12 9:25 P

Just keep at it. Do it every day and just do what you can handle. Eventually, you'll get use to it and be able to do more. You gotta work up to different levels.

EAT4HEALTH3 Posts: 47
1/24/12 9:24 P

My kids have Just Dance, I could barely make it through one song, but it was fun! emoticon

1/24/12 9:20 P

I wish I had Just Dance! That game looks so fun. And yeah, it's the same with Zumba. You almost don't realize you're exercising because it's so much fun.

1/24/12 9:17 P

So funny! I was going to suggest Zumba but someone beat me to it! I've also done Just Dance (I think it's called?) with my sister on her XBOX 360. We danced for hours and didn't even realize it had been so long! I'm a horrible dancer, not graceful at all, but I had a BLAST!!

1/24/12 9:13 P

Zumba is fun! Though it might kill you at first. It's intense but I always have fun with it. If you have a Wii, you could buy either of the Zumba games and work your way into longer workouts.

EAT4HEALTH3 Posts: 47
1/24/12 9:07 P

Everytime I want to get start working out, I look at my walking dvd's and don't have the urge to do those, I feel that they don't work, my husband even said that he doesn't see any improvement, so that comment brought me back down and have no urge to work out and lose the weight I need. How do I get out of that funk? Is there any other workout dvd's out there that are effective and notice the difference and that don't kill you? lol
I also homeschool too, trying to find time before that and before I work in the evening, I have a full plate!

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