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NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
1/13/13 4:40 A

I'm not sure what you mean by "pretty big" but obesity has certainly been associated with difficulty conceiving so losing weight now will only improve your chances of conceiving. Working out won't hurt but make sure you give the full 80% focus on your nutrition as that is what promotes actual weight loss. Exercise has fantastic benefits for the body but you absolutely cannot lose weight through exercise alone if your diet is not on track.

N16351D Posts: 2,349
1/12/13 11:29 P

I was pregnant during 1976- 1977. I had been a jogger, so I kept jogging until I was five months pregnant. Then I started walking through the rest of the pregnancy. I had been biking, and kept that up until I got so heavy I thought I would lose my balance, again that was at five months. I started swimming in 1966, so kept that up for the rest of my life (now age 55). I was swimming the day my daughter was born! I went into labor while swimming in the pool! That was interesting, but did not create a problem!

Later, I learned about the importance of exercising while pregnant. I also later learned the importance of stretching. I was 40 when I started Yoga, and 50 when I started Pilates. I wish I had known about them during my pregnancy, or at least the stretching and exercising.

There is absolutely no reason not to exercise when pregnant. Swimming feels wonderful since it relieves the pressure and ache in the back as the water supports the weight of the baby you are carrying.

I have read that if you have not been exercising before pregnancy, check with your physician for guidance before starting. Then, do gentle exercising such as walking and stretching. It is not the time to start a campaign to begin jogging if you had not done it previously!

1/12/13 9:06 P

It's more of the problem that I've not done much exercise before and as it was a new year I wanted to get back into it. I'm pretty big and while trying to conceive, just didn't want to put life on hold and thought I should still try and lose a bit of weight while waiting to fall pregnant.

I haven't done Zumba before and thought it may not be as intense as workouts I'd done previously which involved a lot of jumping around.

Thanks for all your advice xx

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1/12/13 8:01 P

It's not recommend to START a new, intense workout routine you're not familiar with while being pregnant, but there is absolutely NO reason not to work out! In fact, it's highly recommended to exercise while pregnant. Healthy, fit mom = healthier baby!

HEre's a list of great tips on how to do so while pregnant:

It's actually a good idea to start now. Healthier mom = easier conception.

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1/12/13 7:58 P

I'm not sure where your info. has come from re. pregnancy & working out, but I exercised up into the 9th month. In fact, when close to time for delivery, walking is often advised to speed up the process. -- I see pregnant gals at the gym all the time!
(There may be certain activities, exercises that one should show caution in doing as one's center of gravity changes as the belly grows.)

I can't imagine that exercise (unless extreme & body fat is BELOW 20%) would have any negative effect on conceiving.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
1/12/13 7:56 P

There's no reason not to work out when ttc. You can also work out while pregnant. You'll need to scale intensity and weight back a bit, and modify some exercises, but unless your doc says not to, it's perfectly fine to work out during pregnancy.

1/12/13 7:40 P

Hi guys,

Ok so as I know it's advised to not workout when your pregnant, but I was wondering if its safe to do certain exercise while trying to conceive.

My partner and I have only just started to try to conceive and I would still like to try and lose weight while waiting to see if we're pregnant.

I would mainly like to know if Zumba and using the cross trainer / eliptical trainer is safe and not going to do any harm in th way of preventing a pregnancy occurring.

Any help is very much appreciated


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