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7/7/14 9:13 A

emoticon Welcome Chelby!

You are in a safe place here. As you go through your first days getting to know the site, you will find time (hopefully) to set up your Spark Page, join some teams. There are a couple for caregivers that you may find supportive.

I have been 24/7 caregiver to my disabled spouse for 7 months now and this can be a very productive place to visit when the going gets tough.

emoticon on your decision to improve your own health. emoticon

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7/7/14 8:57 A

emoticon Welcome!

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7/7/14 7:13 A

Welcome to SP.

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7/7/14 7:00 A

Hi Chelby,

Welcome to Spark. I hear determination in your post here and I so admire you for joining Spark and taking the first step to get yourself moving in a new direction. Congratulations!

We need to take care of ourselves to be able to take the time to do what we are committed to doing--for ourselves and all of those we care for.

I'm guessing you have found the Getting Started Guide and are on your way. So keep that determination going, take small steps every day to get healthier, and learn to use those Spark trackers. What I know for sure is that the payoff is totally worth it!

emoticon emoticon

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7/7/14 6:54 A

Welcome and best wishes!

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7/7/14 5:10 A

Hi! My name is Michelle (Chelby) - I am 43 and a single mom of 2 handsome young men. One is 20, the other is 17. Currently I live with my mom and am her caregiver, which doesn't allow me to work outside the home. My kids and I have been here for 5 years now. Many illnesses, some serious, medications, as well as depression has led me to gain a lot of weight and no longer care about myself, or for myself. I am trying to pick myself up and rejoin the land of the living. I not only owe it to myself, but I owe it to my family. My mom is in the state she is in from several strokes caused by uncontrolled diabetes. She has had it since I was born, but wasn't diagnosed until I was in my 20's. She didn't take it seriously even tho she did lose about 80 lbs, she still did not take good care of herself, eat right, or exercise. I do not want history to repeat itself and have to have my children take care of me. Five years is long enough for me to have gone down that path - I need to LIVE!

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