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3/14/13 4:35 P

Congratulations on the weight loss AND the upcoming wedding.

You seems too young to be bothered by this, but I was exhausted and then diagnosed with a low functioning thyroid. Does your family have a history of thyroid problems? You might want to have it checked out.

My wife also dealt with exhaustion even though she was on thyroid meds. She eventually figured out that she is gluten intolerant. She love her breads and cooking was a favourite pastime, but when she cut out all gluten products, she had WAY more energy and she lost the bloated stomach (plus she lost 10 pounds as a bonus ;-)

Good luck with figuring it out.

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3/14/13 3:26 A


" after all this work I don't want to blow it, especially since I'm getting married in October!!!"

Could it be stress? How's the wedding planning going, is it going well or are you running yourself ragged?

Are you cutting back too many calories or overtraining trying to make the last wedding dress fitting? Is your body trying to tell you you've hit the wall?

Upcoming big events (especially where you're the center of attention) can drain you mentally.
Make sure you're getting good nutrition, exercise wisely and get your rest. Stress is par for the course in these situations, so do what you can.

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3/13/13 10:31 P


WOO HOO for losing 62 pounds, that is FANTASTIC!!!

Habits develop when we get into a routine of doing the same thing day in and day out, so it may take some thinking on your part to come home do a nice workout and then see how you feel. It could be that taking a nap so late in the day is throwing off your sleep schedule at night. Maybe you could try going for a 10 minute walk as soon as you get home. And if after 10 minutes you no longer want to continue on you give yourself the OK to stop. For most people it's the getting started part that is the hardest part of the whole deal. Remember too that weight loss is more likely to occur if you are tracking your nutrition, so if you are no longer doing so, now may be a good time to start.

I wish you well and all the best for your upcoming wedding.

Coach Nancy

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3/13/13 9:45 P

three years ago when i lost majority of my weight (62 pounds) i had different work schedule, working 3pm to 9pm. The last year and a half ive been working 8am to 3pm and although i cant say its every single day, majority of my days i come home EXHUSTED, so much so that i put off my daily chores most days and nap for an hour. Most times when i wake up i feel just as tired, and end up skipping workouts,I sleep 7 hours a night, and i tried sleeping more, thinking maybe i needed more sleep but when i do im even more tired. Im about 12 pounds away from my goal, and i just cant bring myself to exercise because of this issue. Can someone PLEASE HELP??? im soo close, after all this work i dont want to blow it, especially since im getting married in October!!!

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