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5/13/13 1:41 P

A cup of tea is also a good if water is too boring at the moment. Especially a good herbal tea. If you absolutely need something, scrambled up a few egg whites. Lots of protein without many calories.

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5/13/13 4:09 A

I just had a wee peak at your Nutrition Tracker. With the one day that is entered, you have consumed only just over 1200 calories, but your exercise was over 400 calories. You are very low on protein, and very low on fruit/veges.

1200 calories is for an average weight woman who is sedentary. Heavier people and those who exercise need more food.

You have only just started with SP, so I suggest that you eat as you would normally, and then just make changes using baby steps. This means just changing one or two things to start with and only when your body has gotten used to them, add something else to the mix. It might be eating an extra piece of fruit, and having a 15-20 minute walk, if you aren't used to exercise.

ALSO, if you normally ate a lot more, then you will need to gradually reduce the calories. Dropping too much too quickly can set you up for problems further down the track. For me it was instant - nausea; light-headedness; waking in the middle of the night with extreme hunger, and wanting to up-chuck.

Other ways it can derail you is that you will feel deprived or bored!


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5/13/13 12:19 A

Ya, I agree about the water... you can put cucumber pieces in it, lemon, lime, orange, strawberries, blueberries, peach... mint anything to dress it up. It gives you something to do and helps route a new habit in the kitchen.

All the best!


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5/12/13 5:20 A

Thank you very much!

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5/12/13 5:12 A


Some times hunger isn't really hunger, but thirst. If you ate a wholesome and nourishing meal a while ago, you may just be thirsty. If so, go drink a BIG glass of water. You may even need two.

Also, if it has been several hours since your last meal, it may be time for a small snack. If so, go have a piece of fruit. The natural sweetness of the fruit should help sate any sugar craving you're having.

Drink water first, have fruit second.

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5/12/13 5:07 A

I just ate a big meal a few hours ago (I sleep during the day and stay up at night). I'm not really all that hungry but I feel this urge to go eat something in the kitchen. Its what I normally do. Please tell me not to!

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