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Try any new foods lately?

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4/18/13 8:50 A

Maybe not a new food but a new food combo...

Peanut butter and pumpkin. It is delicious! I tried it first as a spread on french toast with apple. OMG. Just to die for. This morning I'm having pumpkin, peanut butter and cranberry oatmeal. I also made some for my (usually picky kids) and it was a total hit.

Posts: 9,670
4/18/13 6:13 A

Haven't tried any new food lately

Posts: 16,974
4/18/13 5:56 A

No new foods just foods I haven't eaten in awhile. Spaghetti squash

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Posts: 21,212
4/18/13 5:52 A


SparkPoints: (210,968)
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Posts: 11,557
4/18/13 5:48 A

I haven't tried new foods but new combos of old foods.

Posts: 365
4/18/13 1:37 A

Twisto mini chip/cracker things and they were oily and disgusting and a pain to count out 17 of them to eat. bahaha.

Posts: 11,329
4/17/13 11:14 P

Home made sushi

Posts: 13,125
4/17/13 11:13 P

Not exactly a food, but last week I tried coconut water for the first time. I thought it tasted a bit like Gatorade (it was lime flavored), and I'm not crazy about Gatorade.

SparkPoints: (157,922)
Fitness Minutes: (95,745)
Posts: 6,982
4/17/13 10:18 P

Spaghetti squash

SparkPoints: (80,927)
Fitness Minutes: (61,080)
Posts: 3,724
4/17/13 9:57 P

I've tried to enjoy Kale, chips, or in salad, soups, etc. and still dislike it intensely, won't buy it again. Sweet potatoes are allright, my husband likes them, but I can't get a grip of their sweet taste, so I buy them for him. He isn't allowed spinach, so I eat all those bags of spinach myself, lol.

SparkPoints: (63,566)
Fitness Minutes: (74,581)
Posts: 5,412
4/17/13 9:44 P

Yes! I have been such a picky eater over the years that I hadn't even tried a lot of the "common" foods kiwi, pineapple, grapefruit, edamame etc. A lot of what I've been trying lately has mainly been fruits and veggies.

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Posts: 3,939
4/17/13 9:41 P


SparkPoints: (13,190)
Fitness Minutes: (6,574)
Posts: 502
4/17/13 8:59 P

protien powder

SparkPoints: (11,495)
Fitness Minutes: (14,430)
Posts: 147
4/17/13 8:29 P

We started vegetable/fruit of the week a few months ago. We go to the Farmers Market every week and pick up one thing we have never tried before (only one of that item). Then we google how to eat or prepare it. Some we have liked. Some we have not. This week was Mexican guava. I would buy it again.

SparkPoints: (26,701)
Fitness Minutes: (13,097)
Posts: 890
4/17/13 4:51 P

I purchased tahini for my sweet red pepper hummus I made. I decided to try it in a tahini lemon salad dressing I found online. Didn't care for it at all. Just not sure what else I can use the tahini for now that I have a large jar of it. If you have any ideas I'm open to suggestions. Thanks.

SparkPoints: (7,910)
Fitness Minutes: (1,750)
Posts: 139
4/17/13 4:47 P

Today I tried Trader Joe's Sweet Sesame Seaweed. I like the other (non-sweetened) seaweed better, but hey - you've got to try new things, right?

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Fitness Minutes: (68,075)
Posts: 12,065
4/17/13 4:02 P


SparkPoints: (9,089)
Fitness Minutes: (6,555)
Posts: 2,057
4/17/13 3:58 P

I bought a mushroom sampler pack at my farmers market so I've been eating *many* different types of mushrooms with some success.

Posts: 15,787
4/17/13 3:32 P


Not a fan but I ain't gonna bad mouth it.

Posts: 2,298
4/17/13 3:26 P

I've become a kale convert.

Dragonfruit i'm slightly iffy on (it's out of season at the moment anyways, i believe). I was fascinated to find out that it is actually a cactus flower!!!!

My most recent food-explorations have been with fresh fennel bulb. I have made caramelized fennel and onion pizza with gorgonzola cheese (TWICE because it turned out so good), and have roasted wedges of fennel as a side veg, then used the leftovers in a cold vegetable salad. I've also added a few thin slices of raw fennel to a green salad. It's pretty good! I find i prefer it cooked as the slight licorice taste becomes more mellow and pleasant once cooked.

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SparkPoints: (11,955)
Fitness Minutes: (7,301)
Posts: 351
4/17/13 3:04 P

I'm making a point to try more new foods. Recently I tried kale, dragonfruit, and papaya and found that I really enjoy them!

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