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WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
7/12/13 5:23 P

Yup, what Shane said. It really depends on what you're doing. There are a lot of things you shouldn't do 2 days in a row (running, strength training), especially when you're just starting out.

My schedule includes 1 day off and one optional day every week and I just let my body tell me what I should be doing. However, I try to be more active generally - getting off the bus/train a stop early, choosing the stop that makes my walk uphill rather than level, taking the dog to the off leash park. But they aren't activities that raise my heart rate significantly, if at all.

I have had overuse and overtraining issues in the past and I don't want to suffer from that again. Ever. 1-2 rest days a week, especially for someone new to exercise, is a good idea.

7/12/13 3:16 P

If you are doing easy to moderate cardio, you are probably fine doing it 7x a week. To go into detail of when you're OK doing 7 days a week would probably cause more confusion. To keep it simple, I'd advise a rest day or two. With the calories you're burning each week, I'm fairly sure you'll benefit from the rest. Better safe than sorry.

Your new target for daily calories burned will be 1260 with 2 rest days a week or 1050 with 1 rest day a week. I pretty much ignore the daily goals in the fitness tracker. They are there to build consistency. If you're burning 6300 calories a week, I'm pretty sure you're doing great on consistency!

As to the team goals, I think most of the daily ones are relatively easy. A lot of people can walk a mile a day easily. For some of the crazies 30 minutes of cardio IS a rest day. Those team goals are designed to help build consistency. Again, I suspect you're OK without the daily team goals.

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7/12/13 2:02 P

A Spark Trivia question:True or False: When participating in regular exercise, you should always take 1-2 rest days per week to repair your muscles. The answer is true.

However, these are the types of things where I get lost on here. My fitness plan is for 885 minutes a week, 6300 calories. Yet, I am borderline (and have been all my life -utilizing body/mind intuition to keep it in line-not knowing what the problem was and a doctor not telling me in 8th grade but said that I'd outgrow it, which I didn't) hypoglycemic (low bp too-but short term weight gain did temporarily help that? but outta shape messed up the pulse rate) i.e. I also get lost on stuff for burn vs stuff it says that I'm supposed to stay away from-aerobics??, and the tracker for fitness with 120 mins goal a day cardio.. I thought that this question was just in reference to strength training...

It's tough enough with nutrition and learning that with my workouts I need sugar and protein sugar qid LOL

And how many teams also have daily goals? One that I have is walk a mile a day minimum. Another is like 30 mins cardio...

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