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6/25/13 12:13 P

I track everything ahead of time. A week ahead of time to be exact. This helps me to stay on track with my eating since I'm not having to come up with stuff at the last minute to eat, it's already planned out. I tweak things here and there, like snacks, but my big meals are already planned. I don't do weekends ahead of time as much now, but I did when I was in weight loss mode.

6/25/13 11:40 A

Take a picture when eating out. I just filled in Sundays for myself from pictures that I took at a cookout at a friends house.

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6/25/13 10:31 A

I would suggest planning your meals for the day. Maybe you could get all of your dinner groceries together, and go ahead and track the "big calorie" items. For example, if you are making a beef and vegetable stir fry for dinner, go ahead and track the meat and oils as soon as you get up for the day. Veggies aren't that many calories, so you can have enough room to play around with them. Some days when I'm feeling extra lazy, I will only track the "big calorie" items. Like when I am making a salad, ill only track the chicken breast and cheese that I put into it, not the lettuce or vinegar dressing.

6/25/13 10:11 A

Absolutely! I really hate tracking dinner, mainly because it is the most complex meal of the day for me. At breakfast and lunch, my food is pretty standardized so I can use groupings. Dinner tends to have way more ingredients and I like to play with food, so it isn't always the same. I'm going to make an effort to create groupings for dinners as well. Eventually I'll start repeating and I can just hit the group button. It does make it easier. Also, having my tablet or smart phone on hand makes tracking easier too.

Weekends are killer. Usually we do a potluck on Saturday with friends and then have a board game night. I so do not want to stop in the middle of a game to track my food. In the past, I've tracked at lunch time planning for what I'd eat at dinner-then adjusted any differences the next morning. Sometimes this helps too. Last weekend I totally blew it. If you can plan in advance it helps with calories too. Sometimes I'll play with the calories to see if it will work out for the day.

For a while, I used but they are WAAAY strict on what you eat. You have to go for nutrients there- so it made tracking harder. I'm grateful that Spark makes it easier, at least here if you eat healthy, you don't have to get upset that you didn't make an "A" for the day or didn't get enough Iron or Potassium- which btw are a pain to get. Which is basically why I started tracking earlier-to plan for all those things. It helps though. It also helps you plan on eating something healthy so you can build up a craving instead of going on impulse at dinner. Dinner impulses are killer.

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6/25/13 10:03 A

I am trying really hard to keep up with tracking my food each day. I find I do okay in the morning and through lunch. Once I get home though, it is hard to find the energy to track my dinner. Eating out and weekends are also tough. Anyone find themselves in the same position? Any advice?

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