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10/1/13 5:01 P

I hope you are feeling better and congrats on the goal of being under 200!!

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10/1/13 3:33 P

Congratulations on reaching one of your goals! Losing weight after having children is very challenging. I'm a stay at home mom too, so I understand how hard it is to care for children 24/7. If possible, take some time for yourself. Also, celebrate reaching a goal with a new workout outfit, sneakers or other luxury. Talk to you doctor about your feelings. Maybe they will have a solution. Good luck!

7/26/13 1:57 P

Maybe you need to do something. Make a list of things that have made you happy in the past and go and do some of them. One of my happiest memories is spending long and lazy summer days on a paddle board at my grandparents cottage at the lake. Now that I am an adult I have my own stand up paddle boards and I take them out on Lake Michigan. I do things that feed my soul and it is like making deposits in a happiness bank :) .

Talk to your doctor if the meds don't seem to be effective. It takes awhile to find the meds that work right with your body chemistry. So doses sometimes need to be changed or different meds tried. But meds alone are not going to solve these types of issues. You can go and talk to a counselor or you can try carving out some time for yourself first, make that list and do some things for yourself. You deserve that time, you need that time. But if you remain depressed go and talk to a therapist.

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7/18/13 5:21 P

First of all, it is very challenging being a stay at home mom of three young children. I know, I did it. It is a hard job . I have also dealt with anxiety and depression in my life - so I know about that too. My kindest suggestion to you is try not to label yourself or criticize yourself if you do not feel 'happy' about reaching a goal. Maybe 'proud' would be a better description. Just because you have reached a goal , does not automatically mean that your emotions will come quickly into line. Maybe there is a sense of loss of reaching that goal because it now means that that particular focus has to change onto something else. It is all quite tricky and complicated but be gentle on yourself and acknowledge how hard you are working. Putting 'happiness" as a personal goal is a tough one because there are so many shades of 'happiness' and it is not a permanent state. Happiness comes and goes -maybe look for contentment for now until the practice of happiness becomes easier for you. I could be writing this to myself. Good luck

7/16/13 9:32 A

I am the stay at home mother of three children under the age of five. I've been working very hard since the birth of my youngest child to reach a healthy body fat percentage. This morning, for the first time in my life, I weighed in at 199.8. Just barely under 200, but still a success.
Instead of happiness and pride in myself, I feel numb. This is something I've wished and hoped and tried for, for a very very long time. But it's like someone flipped a switch in my brain, and I just can't feel it.
I have been diagnosed with depression/anxiety. I take two different types of anti depressant. I've been on them for over 6 months. Surely I should be making some head way by now? Why can't I just feel happy?

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