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12/29/11 7:44 A

It's can be frustrating, but I stopped trying to get 100% and now spend more time reading (and often re-reading) so I get the jist of the point.

If it is to be.... the change is up to me.
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12/29/11 6:32 A

it is rare that I get a 100%. But I am getting better at it.

True enlightenment is nothing but the nature of one's own self being fully realised

Dalai Lama
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12/28/11 2:37 P

Keep trying, even when not getting the percentile over 75 you are learning. Some days I mess up even one questions that I have answered correctly several times.

GALINAZ Posts: 699
12/27/11 7:07 P

Will I ever get above 75%????

Alice in Arizona
it's better to be kind than be right
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