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2/25/14 8:12 A

I have heard Dr. Wahls speak on a few podcasts now. All her information is available for free if you choose to look for it.

If I had MS this type of treatment would interest me greatly. Food based healing that's all it is with the potential to wean off of powerful medications with harmful side effects. Real food isn't going to hurt you so I don't see any harm in trying it.

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2/25/14 7:43 A

I agree that if someone has a method of healing people, they should share that for free. So vaccines, medication, chemotherapy, and anything used to heal a person should be free. We should pay for health care for all through taxes, with no payment needed to see a doctor.

Of course, if what she means is that the author shouldn't profit if they somehow stumbled upon a " cure ", then I disagree. Why should they not make money off it, since everyone else is.

If I found the cure for cancer, for instance, would it be wrong for me to sell it? After I sold it, the people who bought it, would then sell it to every patient. No one seems to mind that we put a price on whether you live or die, but the person who actually made this breakthrough shouldn't profit from it?

That is ridiculous.

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HOUNDLOVER1 Posts: 8,862
2/24/14 1:56 P

So by that definition medical doctors should not make a living? That's ridiculous. People in the helping professions SHOULD make enough money to live off it.
Enough of Dr. Wahl's protocol is available for free online to use it as she has given many interviews that are available for free and I believe she also has a blog.


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2/24/14 1:50 P

I am sure diet plays a role in autoimmune disorders and could help in reducing symptoms. My issue with Dr. Wahls is that if she has truly found the "cure" for MS it should be made available for free. Dr. Wahls is selling her cure through her books and lectures and as someone who has worked in health I find that questionable and unethical. Any medical expert who is making a living off the misery of others by touting a cure is acting in an unethical manner. Just my two cents.

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2/20/14 8:33 P

An interesting interview.
It's not the first time I've heard diet referenced in an autoimmune protocol. I don't know whether MS simply responds better, or if it's because there's more MS patients out there, or what.
I also have an autoimmune condition (limited scleroderma sine) which is much more rare than MS. Patients are actively seeking any methods to manage their versions, and diet is one of them. In my case, the LC-HF-Primal lifestyle has kept my symptoms more or less manageable... and progression is slow.
I promote this to everyone I contact who's searching for help.

So many things are being linked back to autoimmunity now - not just a toxic environment, but also to the more or less toxic dietary advice we've been following... I can't help but wonder how much we could turn our health around if the people in the wide public eye would just give some advice that hasn't been in the mainstream for 50 years - and now outdated.

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2/20/14 4:31 P

I wanted to pass on the link for this interview that Chris Kresser had with Dr. Wahls about her protocol for treating MS with diet.

I would be interested if anyone with progressive MS has tried this and what the results were.
Discussion is welcome too, as long as it is based on evidence.
Please only comment once you have listened to at least part of the podcast.


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