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12/7/12 7:16 P

I think it's safe to say you need a new pair of running shoes. ;) If you're running in shoes that old, you could really benefit from a properly fitted pair of running shoes from a running store. It will prevent injuries; the most important tool a walker or runner has is their shoes!

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12/5/12 7:39 A


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12/5/12 6:59 A

LOL. Glad it was not the treadmill :)

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12/3/12 10:07 P

Wow! You must of been running fast! lol! emoticon emoticon Glad it was your shoes and not the treadmill.

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12/3/12 6:17 P

Haha I figured it out...... the bottom of my running shoes are fraying. I picked them up and looked at the bottom yup thats what it is. Yay my treadmill is okay :)

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12/3/12 4:44 P

Ive only had it for a week. its usually dust but today there was 2 chunks not really big but big enough i noticed

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12/3/12 4:20 P

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chunks, definitely not, but black dust under the belt is very very common and normal.

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12/3/12 4:14 P

I don't think so, no. I'd have it serviced if possible. How old is it? It may be dry rotting.

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12/3/12 3:28 P

Hi everyone, so I just got a new treadmill about a week ago and chunks of rubber are coming off after I do a workout. Sometimes its just a light black specks but today it was like 3 chunks of rubber..... is this spose to happen. My dad has a bike and it happens to his but I just wanted to see what others think..... I hope im not breaking it.

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