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10/25/13 1:44 P

sorry that sears did that. But...........Yea 4 u in getting one and using it. I left sweat on mine this what a workout I did. I got mine several years ago from sears.

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10/25/13 12:38 A

Our 14 year old Nordictrack treadmill broke last week so we bought a new one from Sears. It was originally delivered on Monday, but it wouldn't turn on at all! I was so sad and disappointed because I was really looking forward to using the new iFit with Google Maps. emoticon

It turned out that the people who delivered it messed up the setup so bad that they completely broke the machine.

To Sears' credit, they agreed to have a new one delivered to us as soon as they could.

We got a new one delivered today and the person who delivered it was livid when he saw what the original people did to the first one. There were screws missing so it would have probably broken soon anyway, and could have hurt one of us when we folded or unfolded it. The wires connecting the control panel to the power source were cut because they screwed the top panel down to the frame with the wires pinched between the two.

This one works perfectly and now I'm happy and excited again. Living in CO makes it difficult to walk or run outside for a good chunk of the year, especially for me since I have asthma. Now I don't have to worry about it! emoticon

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