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MSGNOME Posts: 555
1/3/12 11:38 A

Don't worry about the treadmill, you don't need any equipment at all! Walking outside is more fun than the treadmill anyways, if its too cold out and you don't want to walk then go walk around the mall or somewhere.

BRITOMART Posts: 8,150
1/3/12 11:13 A

Sergeant-Major has the order of priority right--and ANY cardio works well (many better than a tread).

there are cardio routines here on SP, you know. Some need a bit of equipment, but most don't. And, have you looked at your local library for exercise dvds? There's often a nice variety, and then, if you want, you can buy ones of the leaders you like. There are low-impact ones like Leslie Sansone, and higher impact ones'll see! They make for variety, no matter what your go-to cardio ends up being.

As for strength training, there are lots of exercises right here, too. All levels, all types.

Lots of resources. Good success to you.

PEDAL-PUSHER Posts: 6,501
1/3/12 11:09 A

Of course it is not true! My treadmill is only my back-p........most of my walks are outside, which I think is MUCH better than walking and getting nowhere! find a development or a country road......even town (I love looking at the archetecture) or a rail trail. A shopping mall or a flight of stairs. Turn on the radio and DANCE. Check your cable system.....some have the 'walk at home' programs. Check ebay or Amazon for used Leslie Saansone DVD's. You might also want to invest in an accurate pedometer ( I love my Omron) There are so many options. Whoever told you that was either trying to sell treadmills or very misinformed.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
1/3/12 9:19 A

I didn't get my treadmill until after I'd lost 35-40 pounds, so that is clearly a flawed statement.

Eat right, follow SP's nutritional ranges and get whatever cardio & strength in that you can. I love classes & fitness DVDs as well as walking/running outside. The ski machine sounds great, too! You can do it!

1/2/12 11:53 P

Have not idea why someone inferred that a treadmill was some sort of magic carpet ride to weight loss but they were misinformed. The formula for weight control or weight loss in ranked order of importance is nutrition (diet), strength training and then cardio. Note cardio is in third place and a treadmill is cardio. You can get a better cardio workout jumping rope than you ever will on a treadmill. Check online with the manufacturer of the treadmill to see if there are replacement parts, most of them are repairable.

Monitor your nutrition, strength train and do whatever cardio you can add.

MULEDOGGIE SparkPoints: (82,780)
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1/2/12 9:52 P

People with bigger challenges that what you and I have faced have found a way! Let's not let this be a defeat! Just a challenge!


ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (194,154)
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Posts: 15,816
1/2/12 9:20 P

I didn't have access to a treadmill from December 2009-April 2011 and I trained for and ran 3 marathons in that time. I live in Canada, land of ice and snow and I'd go out and run at 6 am in ice storms, snow storms, rain, heat, whatever.

But you absolutely do NOT "require" cardio equipment of any sort to get fit.

AUTUMN_16 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 24
1/2/12 9:00 P

Yeah, I keep track of my calories and am out walking the dog 60-90 minutes a day weather permitting. On top of that I do cardio and strength training. I use what I have at home and buy what I can afford. I also cut junk food out of my life as well. This is just day two of my plan and got kinda bummed from the treadmill

OFCCAT Posts: 127
1/2/12 8:57 P

Not sure who told you that you would not lose weight just because you don't have a treadmill. Watch what you eat, walk outside if you can, etc. When you get the ski machine use that. Just getting in some type of cardio and strength will help. Don't let someone's negativity impact you like that be positive!

AUTUMN_16 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/2/12 8:54 P

I had a treadmill given to me by a friend. Was very old. Tonight it broke (probably because of my weight) the part the tread rides on snapped in half. I have a walker upstairs and am getting a ski machine free. I was told if I dont have a treadmill I can count on not getting in shape and losing weight.

Please tell me this is not true? I dont have the money to replace it as I am on a fixed income

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