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11/10/09 3:47 P

I live in a "gentrifying" neighborhood in Chicago. Which is just fancy schmancy for gang activity and drug dealers right outside the (new) neighborhood Starbucks.

I think next summer I'll try running outside, but right now, it's dark in the morning when I'm exercising, so the treadmill does the job.

11/10/09 1:38 P

Boy, I wish I could engage only in the fitness activities I naturally love 100% of the time. With a full and busy work/personal life that isn't realistic. Maybe I'll be afforded this luxury when I'm retired in 25-30 years...

Almost always, I do love the way I feel after I exercise along with the stress-reducing, appearance-enhancing, and other health benefits that come with it. This is why I don't let a little boredom get in the way.

I do like my outdoor walks/jogs (for the air, sunshine, variety, visual stimulation), but frankly less so as the weather gets colder. Also, for me, exercise is a bit of "me" time where I can pause and briefly escape the stresses of the real world.

Everyone has different reasons, situations, and perspectives. This is why sharing on SP is so great!

11/8/09 4:16 P

I doubt the numbers you are citing, on what instrumentation are you basing them?

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11/8/09 2:28 P

one thing I noticed about the treadmill is that it burns more calories in a shorter amount of time than running outside. I run during the nice weather and I run for about 65 to 70 minutes and burn about 200 calories doing this outside. Now in the nasty weather I burn 400 calories on my treadmill in 38 minutes. Go figure!

11/8/09 10:22 A

**Music/TV blasting as loud as I want. Good way to keep the boredom factor at bay.

If you find what you are doing boring when bother? Exercise is supposed to be refreshing, invigorating and life enhancing not some form of boring obligatory thing we do.

When i run out of doors I can be creative, do what my body urges me to do and not let some cyber avatar tell me what to do next. All of the supposed hassles or running out of doors in my opinion add to the experience they do not detract from it. It is all about being alert and alive and dealing with the world as it is,I am just not a cocoon type.

11/8/09 9:27 A

It definitely isn't as visually interesting as running outside, but here are a few positives about the treadmill running...

**Water - I don't have to carry the water bottles. Just plop it in the holder. I down about 6 cups per 45 minute workout.

**Clothing - I can wear my sports bra (no shirt) and feel less restricted, cooler, and not self-conscious. In the winter, no need to stay warm with bulky layers.

**Monitoring - I can see my dashboard right in front of me. Speed, incline, HR, time left to go, etc. My treadmill connects to my Polar HRM.

**More control -I can do pre-programmed workouts based on specific goals, or mix it up. I know you can do this outside, but the treadmill program kinda forces me to do the harder work (hills, speed increases, etc).

**No dogs, sidewalk hoggers, pollution, or red traffic lights to slow me down.

**Music/TV blasting as loud as I want. Good way to keep the boredom factor at bay.

FELLE442 Posts: 804
11/8/09 1:03 A

Definitely prefer outdoors when the weather allows. Lately, I've been using the treadmill just because its been convenient.

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11/8/09 12:42 A

Doesn't matter how you move the body- just do it.. Perhaps you feel like a hamster, but be realistic it is not always sunny california in many places and people have to use what is available..
I do exercise outside, but if a treadmill is standing there and I have to move my body. I will just use what is at my disposal..
Making the exercise a done deal is more important than complaining how.. I make my own fun with good music and change it up and down to the beat of the song..
Look for joy in moving your body, how is more in respect to avoiding repeating juries. Exercise can do this, just change it now and again if you can. If change is not a option, just keep a sensible approach.
Not everyone has to run a marathon to be fit..

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BRAVE_NEW_ME Posts: 4,252
11/7/09 7:15 P

There are a lot of runners who don't like the treadmill. Personally, I call that thing either the dreadmill or the hamster wheel, depending on the day. I'll power out miles on a treadmill if I have no other way of getting my run in, but otherwise, I dress for the weather and tough it out outside.

If you're in this group of runners (the anti-treadmill runners), likely the treadmill WILL feel more challenging than running outside. It's not because you're actually physically more challenged on a treadmill, but rather because it's so mentally challenging to push yourself through a workout you're not enjoying.

LEIGHRUNT Posts: 644
11/7/09 11:58 A

Amen to that... I think I will have to re name it dreadmill as well. I was thinking at first everyone on SP liked that thing but now I am finally seeing both sides. Thank you

11/7/09 11:44 A

The only time I will voluntarily get on a dreadmill is when I take a Bruce Protocol Stress Test. The mechanics of running on a treadmill are biomechanically incorrect for proper running form since your leg is pulled to the rear and you do not have to propel yourself forward which lessens the effort needed reducing the energy requirement. Adding an incline on the dreadmill shortens your stride length and causes your foot strike to occur in front of your centre of mass.

In my opinion it is best to run out of doors since the quality of the workout is better physically and you can vary your workouts doing fartlek, intervals and add variations such as hill repeats, running backwards, prancing, do cariocas and add fun to your runs. You can even practice running downhill to add a dimension. These are things you can not do on a dreadmill, then again doing this type of workout you can not watch TV or read a book you actually are required to workout.

In my experience as a runner and as a running coach is that the majority of the injury problems from running is caused by improper running mechanics and over engineered shoes. Having run in everything from Hush Puppies to combat boots I have discovered that the current generation of running shoes is both over engineered and overpriced so I now run in inexpensive and less cushioned shoes.

Here is an interesting article about the current research on running shoes.

GRAMMATRISH Posts: 1,200
11/7/09 11:10 A

I like being outside but tend to work harder inside because I am a klutz outside. I am afraid of falling. I can trip on a leaf. Really - I fell once and twisted my ankle and could not see anything in the street to cause it. Yikes!!

DISCDOG Posts: 2,668
11/7/09 7:33 A

I find outdoor running "easier" too, but I'm guessing because indoor /treadmill running is so boring it's near torture to me. Outdoors I get the fresh air, scenery, beuatiful sunrises, and quality time with my dog. There's practically no place on earth I'd rather be while I'm running outdoors. Unless it's too hot.

LEIGHRUNT Posts: 644
11/7/09 1:13 A

I must be broken or really hate the treadmill because I find outside easier then the treadmill. Thank you again for the info. When I can muster the energy up to get back on the machine I am going to try interval and more incline..

KATISONIT Posts: 423
11/6/09 10:50 P

I totally agree with everyone else who has responded. Running outside requires more energy, but puts you at more risk for potential injury. I prefer to run outside to prevent boredom, but right now I am trying to do progressive speed intervals (HIIT), so I use the treadmill at a 1 or 2 percent incline. It definitely helps if you plan to transition to pavement.

Intervals on a treadmill are a great way to make sure that you are pushing yourself, so even if you are exerting less than the equivalent outdoor running speed/incline, you can make sure that you are getting the most "burn" for your "buck".

PAPRINIKA Posts: 2,015
11/4/09 7:34 A

I prefer outdoor because if I use a treadmill at home I tend to stop for a rest more.

PEGUS63 Posts: 319
11/4/09 7:23 A

I use the treadmill as last resort- Living in SD its sometime difficult to run outside in the winter. So its better then not running at all.

LEIGHRUNT Posts: 644
11/4/09 12:07 A

Thank you everyone. I hit the treadmill tonight and I hate it. I hated running at first but found I loved it outside I tried the treadmill and still hate it. Hopeing for a good winter this year so I can stay outside. Thanks again

KVERBECK Posts: 239
11/3/09 9:38 P

You burn about 5% more calories running outside than you do on the treadmill due to wind resistance and having to push against solid ground. That said I just read an article in a women's fitness mag that said people who run outdoors are more prone to injury and strain. I would recommend running at a slight incline and varying your speed in intervals if you want to bump up the intensity of your treadmill sessions.

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11/3/09 5:28 P


Because the belt of the treadmill pulls your foot along it can appear a tad easier. It is suggested that you do not run on a flat incline as this is equivalent to running down a long decline which can cause some knee issues, therefore it is recommended that you raise the incline to no less than 1%. I actually run on a 2% incline as to make it a tad easier to run make the transition to outside running.

I did most of my training as a new runner on a treadmill, but now I prefer to run outside more for a change of scenery than anything else.


RUNNER1976 Posts: 537
11/3/09 5:12 P

yes. running on a treadmill makes the movement 20% easier because of the movement with the belt.

BUT it also takes away some of the pounding of the pavement due to it being a softer surface than concrete....

LEIGHRUNT Posts: 644
11/3/09 5:11 P

Is there a major difference in the treadmill and going outside to run or walk?

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