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4/18/13 8:40 P

M@L -- thank you!

Handrails are for sissies.... lol j/k

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Yes. Of course, treadmills are an even incline, whereas the slope of hills can vary, so the slope may include sections of 10% and sections of 14% for an average of 12%.

15% is a considerable incline, and about 2.5 times as much effort as walking on the level.

But 2.5 mph is a fairly moderate walking pace. If it is feeling easy, perhaps you can up the pace?

Oh, and I assume you are not holding on to the hand rails on the treadmill? (this means your body weight goes down through your hands rather than your legs, and makes things much easier, and thus the training a lot less effective).


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4/18/13 7:03 P

Is the incline on a treadmill equal to the grade of a hill?

For example, If I am walking on the treadmill at 2.5/mph with an incline of 15% is that the same as walking up a hill with a 15% grade?

I am training for a mud run, and one of the obstacles is a 0.9 mile hill with a 12% grade. I have been walking for 30 mins a day on the treadmill at 2.5/mph with an incline of 15 (it won't go any higher) to prepare myself for this obstacle, but it seems less difficult than I thought it would? Maybe I am just in better shape than I give myself credit for?

Thanks Sparkies!

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