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1/10/14 5:31 P

A rough rule of thumb is that a 150 pound person burns about 100 calories per mile walked. So 90 calories for 1.8 km @ 132 pounds sounds about right.

Of course, using the incline on the treadmill can significantly increase the calorie burn at a given speed. About 50% more for 5% incline, and double for 10% incline for a given speed.

Also, I am wondering whether you are mixing up your units of measurement - you report your weight in pounds, but distance in km. And 3.6 kmh does seem kinda slow for walking.


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1/8/14 11:43 P

Agree with others that treadmills are generally too generous in reporting calories burned, although they get more accurate if you supply age and weight. But I've been running for a couple years now, and the treadmill doesn't know that so it tells me I burn the same calories today for the same distance and time as when I was out of shape (over 1000 calories burned in an hour of running about 7.5 mph). However, back then, I was about to die after 30 minutes, and now I'm at the half-way point at not very tired. I might have been burning a lot when I first started, but I definitely don't burn 1000 calories today. Instead of worrying about it, now that I'm fit, I don't consider "net calories." I just look at my food calories and don't offset them by exercise calories burned... that's just a bonus. I consider diet & nutrition as my main weight loss or maintenance tool and running and strength training as a way to stay fit. That way, I don't worry too much about the exercise calories.

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1/7/14 10:19 P

The calorie burn given by the treadmill is pretty unreliable, unfortunately. I just ran a little over 3 miles and the treadmill told me I burned 1000 calories. I know from experience when I wear my HRM that I actually burn closer to 250 calories in a 3-mile run, so the treadmill estimate was hugely, ridiculously inflated.

A good general rule is that a 150-pound person will burn approximately 100 calories per mile, so it sounds like the distance tracker estimate was probably pretty close for you.

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1/7/14 6:02 P

Most treadmills inflate their calorie burn readouts, because who doesn't like to be told they burned so many calories! The most common tricks are adding your BMR to the total (i.e. what you would burn by just existing, laying in bed all day), or basing the calorie burn on a very muscular (read: calorie-nuking) male.

90-100 calories seems accurate for that distance and your weight. If you wanted to be more accurate, you could invest in a heart rate monitor that tracks your gender, weight, heart rate to determine calorie burn.

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1/7/14 5:35 P

Treadmills and other cardio machines over-inflate the calories burned for marketing purposes.

1/7/14 5:02 P

Hi, does anyone know why when I do 30mins on treadmill about 1.8 km my treadmill says I have burned about 200 calories, but when I enter it into my Distance Tracker it works out at just about 90 Calories. I think I have done great work until my distance tracker tells me otherwise :)

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