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I was in India for 6 months, so I know what it is like to not know the nutrition of what you're eating. I handled it by limiting my portions and eating what I knew. Vegetables are pretty straightforward, and even if you underestimate how the portion, it won't effect your calorie count too much. Even if you estimate a 1/2 cup but take a cup, it will still only add around 30 calories depending on the vegetable. For grains, I would try to take less then I estimated and count it that way. I would only eat 1/3-1/2 cup of rice at every meal. Finally, there are options like subway and McDonald's in China, so I would choose those. I would also give up a desire to try lots of different foods. It was exciting to me that there were lots of choices, but I would only try one little tiny bite, and stick to my rice and veggies. I also made guidelines like only eating 1/2 to 3/4 the serving at a restuarant because i knew that the serving was too large, even if i didnt have exact numbers. Also, limit when you eat. Decide not to snack or eat past a certain time. Even if you can't count calories, general choices can help you.

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Look up a conversion chart that will tell you what 100 grams actually looks like, that way you'll have a point of comparison to use when considering your portion sizes. Also, if you happen to know the ingredients of the dish you're being served, try tracking the ingredients individually rather than the dish as a whole.

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Hi everyone!

I am studying abroad for a semester in China. Back in the US, I was an avid calorie counter-- but here I'm having a lot of trouble! I have found a Chinese website that gives the calories in various Chinese foods (can't trust the ones from the US since they usually are talking about American Chinese food). Problem is everything I find is in grams. Most say, for every 100 grams. I obviously cannot weigh the food in a restaurant. I can't cook since I don't have a kitchen. And it's near impossible for me to even have an estimate of the calories I am eating since I do not know anything nutrition wise about Chinese food. Yes I can look at nutrition labels, but I usually am eating from the school cafeteria or likewise.

Any advice or suggestions? Thanks in advice for anything you can tell me!

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