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What do you mean? Are you asking about good motels, or are you asking about what to do for meals and exercise when you're traveling?

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We seem to gravitate to Best Western motels. Not sure why since there are several good chains available. We love those "free" breakfasts except for the dangers involved with all the good stuff to eat.

4/27/12 11:08 A

I love staying in Holiday Inn Express because they offer a free breakfast with a great variety of foods that are workable for persons watching their weight. Examples: A muffin and a banana. Cereal and a yogurt. Oatmeal and an apple. There is an endless combination of breakfast foods that you can eat and still stay within your calorie count. Only thing, try to stay away from things like the sausage gravy, which may put you overboard.

Most hotels with restaurants in them offer low cal meals like salads or a fish plate. Just be specific and tell them exactly what you want when you order (like salad dressing or cream sauces on the side). If there is no restaurant in your hotel, make provisions to get to a nearby grocery store and shop for sensible low cal foods that you can make in your room. I don't care for fast foods, so I don't have a problem staying away from the local "carb markets" that usually surround hotels. Turkey meat, cheeses and raw veggies are the types of foods get when traveling. The deli department is a perfect place to shop because you can get foods weighed out and buy as little as you want. Be sure to grab plastic ware and napkins if you buy something that requires utensils to eat.

In addition, if you have a hotel room with a microwave, there are tolerable frozen foods like Lean Cuisines that you can heat up easily. Be creative. Again, most deli's won't mind if you snatch a couple of forks from them if you explain that you are traveling.


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4/27/12 6:23 A

What are my choices? When I must.

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