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4/23/14 7:02 P

Thank you to all of you. Your cautions are the red flags I saw as well.
Honestly, though, I really wanted this to be legit b/c nothing I do works!
My weight keeps rising and I feel horrible!
My local dietitian here at our hospital has tried to help but she's as frustrated as I am and has run out of options to guide me. Ah well. I shall continue with what works for so many others!
Thank you all for your input. Much appreciated!

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4/22/14 10:59 P

I agree - it totally seems like a scam; if it was so amazing it wouldn't be such a secret.

4/22/14 8:01 P

I checked out the site too ---and couldn't really tell what it was all about.
I would be very leery of this.
If you are looking for more weekly accountability and support have you checked your local hospital---many provide weight loss classes.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/22/14 3:16 P

lol...big red flag is that...I can't even tell what it is!

Listen, if you wanna lose weight - there only one way possible:

Calories in vs. calories out.

Nothing else.

How do you do that?

Find out how many calories you should eat to lose weight, and eat in that range. Simple.

Wanna lose faster? Stay in range, and add in some exercise.

How do you know how many a day you eat? You track them (I lost my first 25 via tracking alone. Not one iota of exercise). You track everything, every day. Yeah, it's a pain in the hiney at first - but you quickly build your own data base and learn the shortcuts. I spend less than 5 minutes a day tracking my food. 5 minutes vs. $1300?

Take time and read the boards here - especially this one! Learn what kind of food to eat to stay full (Protein, fiber and good fat). Learn from others what they struggle with. Read others responses to those struggles to get suggestions and tips from other successful members who have lost weight. Read what food to avoid, what to incorporate. Learn what kind of healthy, low calorie, delicious snacks to fill your house with. Browse the 1,000's of delicious healthy recipies.

Read the articles here every day for motivation. Learn about food. Learn what food works for you, and what doesn't. Learn about good carbs, and bad fat, and lean protein.

Reading the boards and 3 articles a day for knowledge, motivation and support? Maybe 30 minutes.

Add in your 5 minutes of tracking time? 35 minutes a day.

Vs. $1300.

Add in reaching out and talking to people via posting? Meeting sparkbuddies that can talk to you everyday to encourage you, or lend a shoulder when you need to vent? Laugh with you when you post about trying to make a new recipe and adding in 1/4 salt instead of 1/4 sugar? PRICELESS!

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DOE1164 Posts: 103
4/22/14 2:51 P

It really does not provide much information. emoticon

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/22/14 1:35 P

Link please?

DOE1164 Posts: 103
4/22/14 1:25 P

Has anyone tried the Transformation plan offered by Rexall? I've been looking around the internet and can't find a whole lot of negatives on it. But the fact they want $1300.00 upfront gives me grave doubts. Is this all a well-put-together scam??
I'd appreciate as many opinions/feedback on this as possible. Thanks! emoticon

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