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3/26/13 7:33 P

Forgot to mention, I have a Half Marathon in about 2 weeks. One more speed workout, then I'm starting to taper. I've run several other Half Marathons. It's my favorite distance!

3/26/13 7:30 P

Way to go! You're doing awesome! 2 weeks down, 10 to go. I hope you're enjoying your training.

Just took a quick look at that 12 week program. Looks pretty good! I have one thing I would change. Week 5 or 6, I would take a recovery week. 10 weeks is a long time to be ramping up miles without having an easy week. You can look at other training programs for a guide to work a recovery week into your training. There's lots of information online about recovery weeks. Basically, you want to reduce effort and distance to allow your body to heal properly the weeks of training.

+1 on what Coach Nancy said about running the long runs easier than you think you can.

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3/26/13 5:15 P

I trained last summer and did my first in September. I stayed focused by telling myself "I am a runner", "WOW I did it" and all those good things. I planned each and every training run, the night before even if it was only 3 miles. Silly but for me being 51 at the time and never ran farther then a 5K, I was so proud of myself. i did not want to be last and I was not. 2 hours 12 minutes and 34 secs. You can do it!!!!

I forgot my most important motivation, I told every single person I saw while running " I am training for a 1/2" or "Hey, I just ran 8 miles!". I had people I never met cheer me on if I saw them again, too fun.

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3/26/13 1:14 P

As far as weight gain goes, you will often see an increase in water weight when you increase your exercise...your body will be learning how to increase its store of glycogen to fuel your runs, and you need more water to store glycogen. It is common to see that water gain when you ramp up your distances.

You also need to be very careful about how much you are eating. It is far too common for people to eat a little more, because they are running so much. Remember, even one treat, like a doughnut has several hundred calories, which would completely cancel out what you burned on your run.

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3/26/13 12:12 P

Hey everyone! Thanks for responding. I am following the 12-week half marathon plan from It has me running tues, wed, thurs, sat and sun. I thought that was too much since I only ran like 2 days a week prior to starting..and usually only a mile or two since I'm more of a sprinter. I pushed the wednesday days to thursdays and got rid of thursdays. I have completed two weeks so far! The first week I ran a total of 12 miles and the second week a total of 14 miles! I am sooo proud of myself and it definitely is getting easier. I have been alternating between trail running with lots of hills, to neighborhoods, to the treadmill. I even ran a 5k for a charity this weekend for my 3-mile run on saturday!

Things are going great and my endurance is getting better. Most of all, I can feel myself getting mentally stronger. I think that will be my biggest challenge. I'm already in relatively good shape but the mental challenges are the hardest part for me. I've been living my the mantras,"Mind over body," "No excuses, no regrets," and "I am patient, I am confident, I am strong, I am FREE!" It's amazing what I've learned in yoga and meditation has helped me with this adventure! Hope everyone else is doing great too!

I do have one question though....I am eating super healthy but my weight is not dropping at all, or may have risen by 1 or 2 pounds. Is that muscle, or should I just see results after more time, like a month? or what???

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3/19/13 1:03 A

I'm training for one in October. I have done 3 in my life, but that was before kids. I now have a seven year old and a four year old emoticon and haven't done more then a 5 km since having kids.

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3/18/13 10:41 P

I haven't officially started training for it yet, but my first half-marathon will be in October. I'll start a training program in a couple of months, but in the meantime, I'm working on slowly improving my endurance and speed.

Are you using any program in particular?

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3/18/13 5:25 P


The most important lesson I tell my runners and that is to listen to your body. Your training program should NEVER be written in stone. It is a guideline to use, but if you are not ready to move to the next level or if you develop any niggles (not pain, but you know something isn't right), tis better to back off and take some time off than to push through. And run your long runs slower than you feel you can. Your long runs (AKA LSD runs) are teaching your body to utilize fat longer into your runs, therefore if you run them too fast, you risk blowing through your glycogen stores and finding it difficult to complete the distance.

Enjoy the journey!

Coach Nancy

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3/18/13 5:09 P

I'm training for a half marathon. I keep myself motivated by being sure to follow the training plan.

I really want to finish my HM without crashing or pain/injury.

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3/18/13 4:56 P

That would NOT be me, as I'm 62 & only run 5K's. When my daughter was 20, 10 years ago, she ran the Chicago Marathon & joined a training group & ran with them, so you might check around, possibly even on the race site to see if there are training groups. Also, SP might have a team of people training for half marathons.
Good luck.......I KNOW you'll do emoticon

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3/18/13 4:51 P


I'm 22 and currently training for my 1st half marathon! I finished my first week, running three 3-mile runs and one 4-mile! Just seeing if there was anyone else out there who is training or working out by running that has advice for staying motivated and on track! Or if you just want to share your experience that would be great!


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