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Changing trainers can be challenging when you are tied to someone you like and respect. I would ask your current trainer to make a recommendation and then see if the three of you can meet one time before she moves so that you can all talk about the transition. That way the new trainer will know what your old trainer wants you to work on and the transition can be smoother.

12/31/12 2:47 P

Look how far you have come. Consider all that you have learned already. Yes, you will miss your PT but this is an opportunity for you.

Aren't you at a new stage in your journey? If you have been with this trainer for a year, you have probably learned everything she can provide you; you know her theories. Look at this as an opportunity to learn more, to get another viewpoint, and to successfully complete your journey.

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It stinks that someone you've worked with for such a long time is moving, but as BRIT said,"life happens". Can you have your PT recommend a replacement ? That might be your best option when they move. Ask them who they train with and start working with that person or find out which trainers they like. This way you know you'll work with a suitable replacement. I have worked with all sorts of trainers over the years. I've learned from each and every one of them. You will too. Changing trainers is a great way to be exposed to new ideas and techniques.

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This can be difficult, but it's the way life happens. There's a Chinese saying that "when the student is ready, the teacher appears," and it works the other way, too...when the student is ready to go it alone, the teacher leaves.

Try focusing on your own energy and your own strength that you and she have been developing--after all, it IS your own life...

If you need another teacher, one will appear, but maybe you'll discover your motivation now will come from being the teacher for another can't know till you get there.

12/30/12 11:03 P

The woman that has been teaching and inspiring me for the last year just told me that she is moving out of state! It hopefully won't be for several months, but I am still heartbroken and don't know how I will continue on without her!

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