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2/23/13 5:52 P

If you are eating and exercising healthier, and seeing both weight and inches going down, then almost certainly body fat is going down too.

I suspect measurement (or calculation) error.


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2/23/13 5:02 P

he did not include my calf, lower back, or bicep...

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2/23/13 4:33 P

It was a hand held caliper - he only used 3-4 areas, not 9 places.

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2/23/13 3:49 P

How was your trainer evaluating your body fat ? If they used a hand held meter or a body fat scale, those are notoriously inaccurate. Many body fat scales can cause a false reading depending on how hydrated you are.

a PT should be doing a 9 point caliper test. That's where your skin will be pinched in 9 areas of your body. the readings are then plugged into equations and the result is your body fat percentage. A trainer who knows what they're doing can get fairly accurate readings.

So, how was your body fat measured ? If the trainer used a hand held meter, take the reading with a grain of salt. If they used calipers, they could have made an error in the calculations.

Let me as you this, do your clothes fit better or do they feel snug ? If your clothes are starting to fit better and loosen up, then you ARE changing your body composition. If you're losing inches, you're losing body fat.

Has your trainer been tracking your inches with a tape measure ? If your trainer isn't doing a caliper test or taking your measurements, I wouldn't fret. like I said, body fat meters are notoriously inaccurate.

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2/23/13 3:22 P

Hi - I had my body fat measured by a trainer about a month ago before I was working out (I had a hip injury that kept me from being able to workout.) He told me I had a fat ratio of 27% and after a month of working out and watching my nutrition he tells me today I have a 30%. How can my fat percentage go up when my weight has gone down, and my inches are going down?

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