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JELLEN726 Posts: 364
11/1/11 3:05 P

Couple things to point out-
Warning I am a big TA Method fan
1) she does encourage utilizing more than 3 lbs of weight as the levels get harder, BUT it is your own body weight, NOT hand held weights.
2) The diet is a hot mess, makes sense for cleansing and I did give it my best try but it does not make sense for 90 or even 30 days.
3) Her toning is innovative and you will see results, BUT the minute you stop after about a week the slowly go away.

I have always had the big chunk-o-arms and whatever she does is a miracle bc I can see the difference.

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10/14/11 8:51 P

I "procured" her DVD and have shared it with some friends. As a joke gift. It was SO BORING. Doing the same thing, day after day? Yawn! On the plus side, she does make a ridiculous sexyface at the camera the whole time, which makes me giggle.

ISARAH7 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/14/11 7:52 P

I truly like it , my arms love it :)

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7/16/11 1:40 P

To the OP, as much as I do not want to encourage your interest in TA's method (hence my previous long post pointing out the flaws I see). I do believe people should explore what interests them and make up their own mind. Her dvds are kind of expensive if you are not sure what you think but a couple less expensive ways to explore whether you feel TA is for you...
*She has a number of sample workouts and clips on youtube. I think there is an arm workout, a core workout and a workout she made for Gwyneth Paltrow to use while filming Iron Man.
*Her 30 Day bootcamp Book is cheaper than her dvds, explains her philosophy and diet approach, has recipes and a 30 day workout plan, and it has a dvd included. A TA fan told me that would be a good starting point as I use to be curious about her method.

SLYSAM SparkPoints: (43,184)
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7/16/11 1:29 P

I know a lot of people enjoy and get "good results" from TA's workouts and I don't really like to diss people's choices if it gets them moving and healthy. But I have to say I have serious concerns about TA's philosophy and methods though I think it would be okay to mix her workouts with other styles.

My concerns. I will say I really am not sure her methods are not hurting people. Doesn't her star pupil/celebrity client who is always held up as an example of her diet and exercise have osteopenia? I am not saying that it is Tracy's fault that Gwyneth Paltrow has this problem, but I would not be surprised if the un-weighted or less than 3 pound weights and very low calorie diet helped make it worse. Lifting actual weights does a lot for a woman's health including preserve bone density, boost metabolism, help maintain good posture, etc. Scaring people into thinking it will bulk them up and they should limit themselves to less than basic household objects and less then their purse--well... Also, some people might be prone to overuse injuries from the *very* high rep workouts. I've seen that she suggests her high rep, low weight "muscular structure" workouts 6 days a week "ideally". Her dance cardio looks fun, I just don't want her to profit from my sales as I think she is doing a lot of women a disservice, but I will say I've seen her suggest it 6 days a week and it is very high impact from what I've seen. I think a lot of people would be injured or worn down from doing this every day (though a few days a week might be good and help with some bone density concerns I have about her method.) In terms of cardio, what I really object to is her claim that repetitive cardio like running and biking "bulks" women up and they should *only* do dance cardio like hers as she changes the motion every 5 minutes or so to avoid this. I happen to like cordio where I change the motion often and love dancing but I still object to putting fear in some people about healthy activities that do give many people good results. (And I really haven't seem or heard of many "bulking up" from cardio of any type). Don't get me started on her extremely low calorie diet! Well, I almost bought her bootcamp book the other day as I felt I should give her a fair chance and spent a lot of time browsing it. The recipes look okay, just not enough food and they are not accessible to everyone (I think you would need a comfortable income to follow her meal plan) but she is a celebrity trainer so I should not hold that against her. I guess what I really object to is how she makes up her own science (i.e. you should avoid bulking major muscles and only work on small accessory muscles that pull everything close to the bone?), her emphasis on how being "teeny tiny" is the goal to strive for and her claim she can make any woman "teeny tiny" no matter her genetics.

I do believe people would lose weight following a very low calorie diet, doing 6 hours of low/no weight high rep exercises, and 6 hours of high impact dance every week. Some would love the results. I just think there are healthier and more efficient ways to lose fat that don't make people feel bad if they don't have a "teeny tiny" build.

I do love barre workouts though and even like callenetics which are in a lot of ways similar to TA's stuff. I love P57 (that others have brought up). But it isn't exactly like TA's method as it would bulk women up according to TA since you do use weights heavier than 3 pounds if you are ready to (I use light weights with P57, but 8-10 pounds or so and I did get stronger when I was doing it a lot as I could not do a single strait legged pushups and got to where I could do both sets of pushups with strait legs).

SUNSHINE22222 Posts: 15
7/16/11 10:04 A

I love Turbo Fire and all of the Chalene workouts. I am using Tracy Anderson and love the workout program. The muscle exercises were tough at first. I am doing a lot better. I love the cardio... this is a lot different that the regular cardio DVDs that I have seen. My goal is to master the workout and just love the dance.



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KARA623 Posts: 727
7/15/11 4:27 P

I actually just started Turbo Fire, and I LOVE it. It came with a bonus workout for Chalean Extreme in which Chalene Johnson is using 25 lb dumbbells in each hand, and she's as tiny as Tracey Anderson. I don't agree with Tracey, but I don't think she's hurting anyone (except with her nutrition recommedations). I just think she's misinformed. My sister has had great success with the program; it's just not for me.

JENNINCAT Posts: 2,165
7/15/11 3:39 P

I would do nuts doing as many reps and using the light weight she advocates. I think she is doing women a disservice by saying "no woman should ever lift more than 3 lbs." For goodness sakes, a gallon of milk is 8 pounds and what about children! What about Jackie Warner's DVD's they seem better to me!

KARA623 Posts: 727
7/15/11 12:38 P

My sister, who has never struggled with her weight, got T.A's Metamorphosis to help her lose her baby weight this year. She loves it and had me try the cardio dance routine, which I liked okay, but I couldn't hang with the same 30 min of cardio every day, and I'm beyond that cardio level. Other than that, I don't necessarily agree with everything she says about musle work, but I don't disagree with her methods as valid Strength Training. I do vehemently disagree with her nutrition advice, though.

7/14/11 1:40 P

Which DVD exercise you preferred Physique 57 or Tracy Anderson's DVD? before I invest my money on any of them. Thanks in advance :)

2/3/11 7:03 P

I found her dvd's to be very boring and little instruction on how to do them.
I gave mine away.

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2/2/11 2:53 P


She might be a flake but her exercises work really well on a woman's trouble spots. There is a tracy anderson exercise group here on spark. She has a new set of dvds out called metamorphis and a book out.

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2/2/11 2:36 P

Personally, as a medical student I think Tracy's ideas about dieting and exercising sound more like pseudoscience. She advocates low calorie diets (less than 1200 calories, which is not healthy)! That will slow down your metabolism and stimulate hormones like ghrelin to cause you to overeat once you stop starving yourself. This is a fad diet which will allow you to lose weight but the effects won't last because it is impossible to live like this forever. The best diet out there is the anti-inflammatory diet.

I've done her cardiodance workout and method mat workout and they are decent workouts. I thought they were fun. But her theory behind the workouts is not based on any real science. She claims that you are using "accessory muscles to pull in the larger group muscles" and that things like running will bulk you up. Have you ever see a bulky runner? I sure haven't. Runners notoriously are a lean body type with little fat or muscle. They burn it all off through their intense cardio. The muscle groups she calls accessory muscles are really called stabilizing muscles. She is using isotonic exercises to bring about muscle fatigue and build muscle endurance. This is not revolutionary like she claims. Pilates does a lot of this and the barre method type workouts. My favorite of this genre is Physique 57. I personally enjoy these types of workouts because they are really fun. But I wouldn't buy into the whole hype she's created about her method. I did throw on a pedometer while doing her mat workout and I burned 300 calories in an hour. I burned 400 calories doing Physique 57 for an hour. You'll lose weight if you stick to an exercise you enjoy, it really doesn't matter exactly what kind of exercise that is. It is just calories in versus calories out.

WAGNERJV Posts: 29
1/10/11 9:30 P

Hello all!
I heard Tracy Anderson on the Dr Laura Berman show tonite. She sounds very reasonable and has some interesting ideas for workouts. Her "diet" ideas also made sense to me because she isnt one of those trainers that forbid any foods.
Have any of you ever tried her DVDs? I am a Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper follower and LOVE it. I have had great results with their DVDs, but wouldnt mind some variety.
Let me know what you all think.

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