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12/23/12 12:31 A

I've always accounted my job in my fitness count, as it is very physical and I don't stop for the entire 7-8 hours. I know it works, cause other than weights, 3 times a week, that's all the exercise I do. I haven't done cardio for 3 years, now.


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12/23/12 12:22 A

The general assumption is a 20% allowance in addition to your BMRfor daily non-exercise activities for a sedentary lifetsyle. This is the default assumption in Spark.

More active jobs such as yours might burn 30-40%. Really physical jobs (eg. construction) might burn 60-80%.

Probably the best way of accounting for this is to work out how many exercise calories you burn in a typical week, and then adding a couple of hundred of calories per day to this in your Exercise Goals (accessible from the LH side of the Start page).


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TUAYNA Posts: 95
12/22/12 11:23 P

Thank you guys that was really helpful. I figured it wasn't right to be tracking it

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
12/22/12 9:53 P

When I was a waitress I never tracked my job as exercise. I ate at the upper end of my range, sometimes 100cal over if I was hungry.


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12/22/12 9:33 P

I can assure you, it's very unlikely that you actually burned 2400 calories doing massage. The problem with tracking work activities as exercise is that the more we do something, the more our body adapts to it. Your work duties are something you do all the time, and because of that, your body is more efficient at it than if, for example, I jumped in there and tried to do it.

You should only track purposeful exercise in your tracker. It's intended for use only for those extra exercises. Your Sparkpeople calculations include a daily active living modifier that includes things like running errands, working, and doing things other than lying in a bed living. :)

If you have a particularly active job, you can figure out how to add more calories to your range here:

You are most certainly burning calories, but not enough to improve your fitness level or really count as exercise.

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12/22/12 7:54 P

Your activity level is already factored into your Spark calorie range.

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TUAYNA Posts: 95
12/22/12 7:50 P

Hi, sorry if something like this has been asked before. I track all the exercise I do, but I am unsure whether I should be tracking the activity I do at work or not. I am a massage therapist and for example today I did 6 hours of massage. If I put that in the tracker it says I burn 2400 calories. That seems awfully high, so I don't think I should count all of it but I don't know if I should be counting some of it or none at all.

Do those of you out there with active jobs track that activity as exercise?

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