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NIRERIN Posts: 14,203
9/19/12 3:21 P

if you're worried about time, for right now, just track food and portion size. if you aren't seeing results, take an hour out, go back and find the calories for a few random days [because once you have the item and the portion size, you have all you need to know] and see where you are calorie wise and if you need to be tracking the calories. if you can do it without, doing it without is easier and you get results, you're fine to do it that way. if you're not seeing results, you might have to do more. but try what would be easiest for you first. then add in difficulty if you need to.

GETTHERE135 Posts: 242
9/19/12 3:12 P

Very true. Thanks.

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (105,445)
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9/19/12 3:08 P

Well I think tracking on paper is a great option if you don't want to use the computer. I think it's a good idea to hold yourself accountable for the food you're eating. I also think counting calories is a good idea.

GETTHERE135 Posts: 242
9/19/12 2:54 P

Cheetara- I just really prefer a tangible way of tracking like in a food journal that I can pick up at any time and add to and flip through the pages to reread past days. I know for certain that I want to continue tracking that way, just not sure about the calories. Also I am not concerned about the actual figuring out of calories, I have a great book with calories and fat for tons of foods and in the past I have gotten very used to remembering the portions and calories of foods I eat often.

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9/19/12 2:54 P

I agree with tracking here. The ONLY time I do well tracking is using SP. Last night I deleted EVERY favorite I had and started entering slowly everything in my kitchen. I portion out things on the scale or with measuring spoons and cups to make sure my recipe are accurate for myself. I really try not to use other peoples items they input as I find them to be incorrect the majority of the time or not have sodium entered which I track as well. It's like making your own food library and the more you enter, the more choices you visually see you have.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
9/19/12 2:51 P

I agree with tracking here. It canbe a bit time consuming to enter recipes and food that's never been entered, but once it's in there, it's so easy to use. If you don't have easy, daily access, you can at least get an idea of some favorite meals so you can keep track easier. I would think I would go over on my calories if I wasn't tracking them. It's so easy to underestimate what I'm eating.

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (105,445)
Fitness Minutes: (105,415)
Posts: 3,821
9/19/12 2:48 P

Why don't you just track here on Spark? The food tracker automatically tallies your calories, carbs, fat and protein. It's a great tool and it has helped me lose weight.

GETTHERE135 Posts: 242
9/19/12 2:05 P

The first time I ever tracked my food in a food journal was 11 years ago when I was at my heaviest. I was very successful at that time and lost 50 pounds. Since I have struggled and gone up and down and had other times of success at weight loss like three years ago when I tracked again but kept track of cal, fat, protein, carb., and fiber. I liked being aware of how much of all I was getting but after I fell off track about a year later I found it hard to track all of that again so I tried doing just calories and fat. So here I am again off track and my weight is up and as I am trying to plan a return to a weight loss plan I am trying to decide if I should track in a food journal with calories or just keep my food journal with what and how much I ate but no calories. I feel there are pros to both, I like knowing I am staying in a certain calorie range and therefor with exercise should be losing weight but on the other hand it is more time consuming to keep track of calories. I know I have had success with both but have been tracking calories for some time now and am not sure if I might be more prone to overeat if I am not aware of my calories. I am wondering what others opinions are. Have you tried tracking food with and with out calories, what have your results been? Do you find you keep yourself in check with foods and portions? I would appreciate anyone else's experience. Thanks.

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