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11/19/12 5:23 P

I map my walks/runs on - I like the map tool a lot more than SP's and the estimated calories burned are far more accurate than SP's estimates. (I use a heart rate monitor so I know how many calories I burn. The days that I don't use my HRM I can pretty much guess that MMR estimates will be closer to what my HRM would tell me.) But on SP I track my mileage in the fitness tracker. You can set a goal for how many miles you want to run/jog/walk each week. In my Fitness, go to Fitness Setup to the right of where the date is shown. In Tracking Setup, select Mileage Tracker, then click on Setup right next to it (or scroll down until you see it) and enter how many miles you want to do per week. THEN, once you have all that set up, you can figure out how far you went using the "Map Your Route" option or use another website's map. Unless you have a GPS watch or Nike+ thingy, you can really only know your average pace for your entire walk/run instead of your pace for each mile.

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11/19/12 1:59 P

If you have a smartphone, you can use an app that keeps track of minutes and miles. I have been using the Nike+ app for over a year now and I love it. It keeps track of my pace, mileage and the mileage on each of my shoes.

You can also go to a track and run a mile there. (just an fyi - you burn an average of a 100 cals (plus or minus a few) per mile - regardless of how long it took you)

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11/19/12 7:40 A

Time - look at your watch when you start, and when you finish.

Distance - try some online mapping software such as or alternatively the fitness maps here on Spark
to trace your route. Once you know the distance of your more common running routes, you can probably work things out even more quickly.

Personally, I prefer the calculator at
just enter any two of speed, distance or time, and it will work out the rest. You can then manually enter the calories burned into Spark.


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11/19/12 2:09 A

Basically you need to track the route you ran/walked and the time it took you to do that. Most websites will calculate your pace automatically based off of that information.

I too found their tracking a bit complicated. I've been using a different website for tracking my running/walking (, which calculates my pace per mile. Then I just look up my average pace on the SP tracker and enter in the minutes.

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11/19/12 12:48 A

So, I was considering starting to do walking in the Austin Greenbelt here.
But um, I was looking at the tracking options of the "Add Cardio" just for reference so I know what to track....I am SO confused! How do you know how may miles you ran and how long it took you to run a mile? I mean...wat!?

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