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9/29/12 7:06 A

Thank you!
Exercise instead of eating is the big change of thinking I need to adopt.
That first step is the key, because I've really enjoyed every short walk this week, once I started.

I weigh 223lbs not kilos, but I can't get my ticker to change!
CANDO20K Posts: 128
9/29/12 7:01 A

It's such a good suggestion to snack at work, before I come home.
I also appreciated your comment about carrots leading to chips!

I weigh 223lbs not kilos, but I can't get my ticker to change!
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9/23/12 10:21 A

Good for you! A healthy snack before you start dinner is a great idea. Exercise will make you more tired the first few weeks, but in the long run you'll have a lot more stamina for your entire day and the many responsibilities you handle. Baby steps. Small victories. It sounds to me like you had a first victory. Those are sweet.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.
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9/23/12 10:09 A

Good for you! Congratulations on these steps taken toward a healthier life.

If you find that 6 pm / dinner prep is a "danger time" for you when it comes to overeating, you might plan to eat a snack that is healthy but that you find really tasty. (In other words, if carrot sticks don't get you excited, don't make those your snack because you'll turn to chips instead.) I used to have difficulty with this time of day because I work late and I would arrive home famished and fall head first into a bag of tortilla chips. Now I try to eat a healthy and tasty snack at work (around 6 pm) and that helps me stay motivated to stay on plan. For me, the healthy snack usually is something like an apple and a few almonds, or some really tasty low fat yogurt (like Wallaby).

Some other healthy snack possibilities: veggies with hummus; oven-baked pita crisps; peanut butter on celery; air-popped popcorn and a piece of fruit.

CANDO20K Posts: 128
9/23/12 1:56 A

I came to a halt, after a vigorous day of brisk walking, tired and in "movie" mode.
Avoiding the clutter I need to shed, is very clearly stressing me, as evening falls and another day with the work undone, comes to a close.

6.11pm As I begin to prepare the meal, all the jobs I did not attempt are coming to mind.
The SparkPeople Pledge that i signed yesterday, on my fridge door, is acting as a powerful check to the habitual self-criticism and urges to eat that arise at this time every Sunday evening, facing the prospect of all the other work tasks coming to mind, alongside the home tasks unfinished.
Overwhelm, hidden by the themes in the movie, returns once the fiction is over.
Little steps, and journalling here, with a 5 minute timer set, to keep the meal preparation in mind, is the way I'm going to handle this familiar negativity, in a firm, positive manner.

6.16pm I asked my slim husband if he wanted some Crisps and dip. When he said no, I left them in the cupboard. I have never done that before. I always eat more than he does every night, even though i tell myself that I'm serving them for his sake.

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I weigh 223lbs not kilos, but I can't get my ticker to change!
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