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SAMJUL Posts: 404
5/23/13 8:34 A

Ok that is what I thought but I dont know how to correct the route tracker is not a straight line that I walk ....I go around afew blocks then down and up again there anyway anyone can help me track this is frustrating because I dont think I am burning or tracking it correctly .

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5/22/13 12:44 P

Two miles in 20 minutes is a 10-minute mile, which is a decent running pace. I can't imagine walking that fast. (When I'm walking fast, I'm around a 13-minute mile.) So if you were walking, it sounds like your route tracking might be off a bit. If you were running, though, perfectly reasonable. I'd expect about a 200-calorie burn in two miles, so 170 is on the low side, but not totally out of the question.

SAMJUL Posts: 404
5/22/13 10:08 A

Been off for awhile so just to confirm today is 2.01 miles in 20 min says I burned 170 cal does that sound right
I just dont think it is tracking it right on the route plan ...I wore my spadometer today ...I may try to track it that way and see if it does the same although I dont know how to set that either ..maybe someone can take a look at my route and see if it is being done properly.


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5/17/13 10:26 A

Yes, that sounds right. They go factor in your weight and at 125 lbs you would burn less calories than someone who is 200 lbs.

SAMJUL Posts: 404
5/17/13 10:19 A


It says I am doing a 1.60 mile walk and cal burned is 130 ...does that sound right ...this week I have gone 2x but I am going on Sat and Sun so that will be 4x this week ....

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5/16/13 2:30 P

MELJONES3478... yep! On the mileage tab on the fitness tracker, click on "Map Your Route" under the "Track Distance Goal" at the top.

MELJONES3478 SparkPoints: (15,754)
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5/15/13 1:20 P

I didn't even know that SP had a tracker for this. I have been using a different website to track my walk and then going to another website to put in my weight, the distance, and speed and then tracking it on my SP fitness tracker. This could be really handy!

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (58,340)
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5/15/13 12:49 P

Are you walking to a point and walking back? If so, it should be tracking properly. Do you have a reason to think you're not doing it correctly?

How far are you going, and how many calories is it telling you you're burning?

SAMJUL Posts: 404
5/15/13 11:55 A

Hi Everyone
I hope someone can help me out . I am doing my daily excersise walks at lunch 20-30 min but I am using the route tracker but I am not sure if it is correct ...I put in an address and then hit the and back so it tracks both ways (return as well) but when I try to do my route basically I walk down and back and then turn around another block ...but I am afraid I am logging it wrong and it isnt enough

Please advise.

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