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7/29/13 2:38 P

Thanks that is good to know.

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7/29/13 9:11 A

You can track more than 120 minutes of exercise per day, and see your running total on the fitness tracker--just use the mileage tracker option on the fitness tracker. You can put in your distance and total time, and then see your totals for the week and day by day, by clicking on the "print tracked exercise" button at the bottom of the tracker. However, you'll only get credit and Sparkpoints for 120 Fitness Minutes per day on the My Fitness Minutes tracker and the SparkAmerica totals.

Hope this helps.

Coach Dean

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7/29/13 8:19 A

I am going on a four-day bike ride next week and will be doing more than 120 minutes of riding each day. In test rides, I have discovered that I cannot track more than 120 minutes each day. How do I track more than 120 minutes per day? The tracker won't let me.

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