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9/20/12 12:49 P

Yes, I certainly have the ability to eat this way the rest of my life. I mean, if I am doing it now - I should be able to do it 5 weeks, 5 months or 5 years from now, right?

The question is, "WILL I keep doing this the rest of my life?" I have no choice if I am going to be healthy.

The reason I haven't tracked food in the past was because I saw that as tedious, restricting, boring...a chore instead of a tool. Which is much the same way I viewed a financial budget - until using one helped set me free of debt!

Did I mention that we had some chocolate nut candies last night for supper? We have had them many times before. I usually made two batches, one for each of us. Uhmmmm - one batch is four servings! Now, I know this because of using the Food Tracker. It's not forbidden...just takes a little portion control and planning ahead.

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9/20/12 12:23 P

Good for you! See there is NO deprivation here. The question is and you eat this way for the rest of you life?

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9/20/12 7:11 A

We had some chocolate nut candy for our dessert last night. What's the difference between now and before? I used to make a double batch - one for him and one for me. Ummma batch is 4 servings...sheesh! So, the difference is portion control - AND...I worked the calories into my plan for the day.

What a difference a little budgeting makes!

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9/20/12 1:32 A

YEA!!! for you the light bulb came on. It's never too late. Applying those principles while I was off SP helped me keep the fat off. Now my life is at a place I can come back and make faster progress. Fat like debt is much easier to get than to get rid of but if you keep working at it you succeed. That's the thought I keep coming back to. When life bounces you off the wagon get right back at the next meal. That's what I've learned to do. I'm still not good at exercise and I have to bribe myself to do it. In time it will become a part of my life I can't do with out.

Thanks for the friend request! I accept!!

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9/19/12 9:42 P

I have to admit - logging in food and fitness has seemed like a bit of a chore to me and I wondered if I would stick with it in the long run. Until now...

We used a financial budget over the last 5 years to get debt free (including the house). It just dawned on me that the food tracker is the 'budget' for my calories!

We had vacations and little splurges along the way to our financial goals...we just planned for them. I can do the same with my calories...duh!

There were some months that we didn't do very much toward debt reduction because of life circumstances that were out of our control. We didn't give up though - we just kept plugging along. I can do the same with my weight/ healthy living goals.

One of the keys to success on the financial goal was to review and adjust frequently. We kept looking at where we started, our current status, and projected date for pay offs. I can use the various reports here to do the same. The reports are no good if I don't record my food and fitness though.

Following the financial budget guidelines is almost second nature to me now. I have the Sparkpeople iPhone app - there's no reason that food and fitness tracking won't become second nature to me as well.

WOW - wish I would've thought about this sooner!

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