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Yes, you should keep the "cardio" tracking for those things which are "exercise" not incidentall all-day activity/movement that your pedometer tracks.

Record the biking and the running, and try to increase those. :)

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I have a pedometer that tracks not only my steps, but also the distance I have travelled (assuming an average stride length that I set) and the time it took me to do it. I like to wear it all day long so that I can get an accurate measure of how many steps I take a day (my goal is 10,000), but I've also recently started taking advantage of its other features to track cardio on my fitness page. This has led to what I think are some strange looking numbers (for example, 5.15 km in 149 minutes), so I'm wondering if this is an accurate way to be tracking cardio, or if I need to be looking at some more specific activities for my cardio. I am really new to this whole exercise business, so I really don't know what types of things I can track and how to track them. Does the type of cardio I should track on this site need to be a sustained activity and not spread throughout the day? For example, I bike to and from the university once every couple of weeks, which takes me about 13 minutes each way, and a few times a week I run around a 400m track. Should I keep the cardio tracking to those types of activities, and just leave the pedometer for counting steps?

The main reason for all of these questions is that I noticed my name at the top of the list of weekly Fitness Minutes for one of the groups I belong to, which just doesn't seem right. I mainly spend my time working on a computer, but I do spend quite a bit of time chasing after my boys (who are 3 and 6) every day, which is where a lot of my steps come from. So on one hand it's a pretty accurate gauge of how active I am during the day, but on the other hand, I don't want it to look like I'm doing more exercise than people who are consciously trying to get their fitness minutes in. I would appreciate any and all opinions on this. Thanks for reading!

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