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4/15/13 12:01 A

I hope you return and wish you the best.
I understand you sharing food off your plate. I think Becky offered out a great suggestion.

4/14/13 6:25 P

As a dietitian who works with families on developing healthy eating habits....
I would suggest shopping for a "very fun and cute" plate that your little one will love.
I think she will enjoy the idea of her on place to eat, her own eating utensils, etc. I'm a big-girl now! Soon she will want to be feeding herself completely.
It becomes more sanitary too.
And it makes tracking easier for you.
It would be a win-win for all.

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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4/14/13 3:21 P

Fine, whatever. I'm out.

Ask for opinion, snark at the opinion giver(s) for not answering the way you wanted them to, get no more feedback. That's how it goes. Good luck to you.

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4/14/13 4:28 A

I stated what I hoped I would do in the situation.

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4/14/13 1:49 A

Sorry, but telling me to teach my daughter the word "No" and not answering the question asked at all, is offering nothing BUT parenting advice.

Whether I allow her to eat off my plate or not was not in question. It was quite simply "This is what is happening at dinner/lunch/snack time, how do I account for it in my daily calories" nothing more.

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4/14/13 1:36 A

It's not parenting advice, I simply stated what I would hope to do in that situation.
Food is medicine, especially for people in a nutritionally unbalanced state (i.e. overweight). If you had cardiac medications on your plate, I would encourage you to monitor your intake of those, much the same as monitoring the intake of your calories is important right now.

MUNKOS Posts: 1,007
4/14/13 1:28 A

I think I will just allot myself an extra 100 calories a day and hope that between the days she eats more than that, and the days she eats less, it will balance out. I stick right around 1200 most days, so for me to go below that isn't good and I know I don't lose weight at anything under that. I also know it would be too tedious (and therefor I'd be less likely to do it) for me to go back and re-track my food (I plug it in in the morning, and plan my whole day) and put in obscure numbers like ".89" of a serving of pudding or whatever it is because she took a few bites. Some things are obvious and easy to account for...half a piece of toast, or a chunk of meat. But other things like when she has maybe 10 bites of my cereal while we eat breakfast together, or 5 bites of chili, etc. Things less easy to measure and remeasure.

I had this problem before with things left behind. I often leave behind food, maybe not much, but enough that I had plateaued because I wasn't getting quite enough calories - the friendly people here just suggested I eat another 50-100 calories a day or a small snack to make up for it at the end of the day, rather than scrape some sour cream (or whatever) back into a measuring spoon to see how much I actually ate. And it worked - so I suppose I'll just treat her bites as food I didn't finish but had already tracked for the day.

If we need to track all the little bites that go into our mouths, we need to track the ones that don't. Calories are calories and 10 calories here and there add up, on both sides. I had to VERY closely track my calories and food to lose the 60+ pounds I did before, so I know every bite eaten or left behind, counts!

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4/14/13 1:09 A

well if you are going to portion out your meals and then let her eat from them - really all you can do is estimate what percentage of your meal she consumed. so, close watching at how much she picked off. i mean, what else can you do?

honestly, if all she takes is 5 green beans, that's like 10 calories, not even worth trying to deduct or "make up for." Ditto on a nibble of sandwich.

Edit: Incidentally, I did not mean to come across as "giving parenting advice" - I was just reflecting on your eating arrangements and how they are making things complicated for YOU. So i was giving you take-care-of-you advice, not advice on how to raise the wee one! Sorry if it seemed otherwise.

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4/14/13 12:28 A

Thanks - but I'm really not looking for parenting advice. We do use the word "No" in this house, but I am okay with letting her eat off my plate, or her dad's plate. Right now she is 13 months and just exploring her likes and dislikes when it comes to "real" food as she's just come off "baby" food and is sometimes weary to try new things or new tastes that aren't what she's used to.

If letting her eat 5 green beans off my plate means she will then eat the ones off of her tray that I have offered her for her meal, that's A OK by me! emoticon Many of the things I share with her are not things she can eat by herself, either (IE: a sandwich) she will either mash it up too much to eat, or stuff it all in her mouth and choke, so offering her bites of mine is safest. In the future we will definitely "teach her to be a big girl" but it's not the time now, at least not where the dinner table is concerned.

Thanks to those with tips as far as tracking calories goes! I hope this doesn't come across as rude, but I genuinely just want to know how to approach tracking my calories so I get a more realistic input of what I have eaten for the day!

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4/14/13 12:26 A

If you're not ready to "move" her off your plate, I suggest measuring your meal then adding a few extra bites on the side for her.

4/14/13 12:15 A

I myself don't have kids but I agree with the above posters. The earlier you start 'no', the better off she'll be in the long-term (I am by NO means suggesting that you are a bad parent; I'm just making a general statement). Otherwise she'll do that as she's getting older and then it'll be harder to stop. I don't know what their capabilities are at that age but that's my suggestion.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
4/13/13 9:17 P

I would agree with the previous poster, this would be a good time to start gently shifting her habits. Make her feel like a "big girl now!" by setting out her own plate. Serve yourself from the pot on the stove, and if she makes a move to go for "your" food, tell her nicely, no that's mommy's, let's get your plate, hungry girl! and serve her up whatever. if she only wants to eat a few bites of it, fine, put the leftovers back or leave HER plate for her to pick off now and then.

You *could* try and estimate what portion of your meal she ate - 1/5th? 1/3rd? But that just becomes such an exercise in math, it'd be much simpler to just teach her "yours vs mine" - or if you really want a plate to share sometimes, make it something set out for both of you that is EASY to assess.... i.e. a plate of apple slices - you can easily figure out how many slices are in an ounce of apple (just use a food scale!), then just count your own slices as you take them from the communal plate.

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4/13/13 8:49 P

I think I'd consider it a good time to teach the word "no"

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4/13/13 4:31 P

I'm just wondering what I should do in terms of tracking my food when my daughter eats half of my meals!

We generally eat the same things, but often she just wants to eat off my plate, or if I eat when she's not eating she has a bite here and there. It's usually not much, she's only 13 months....but 5 bites of every meal and snack I eat can add up over the day!

When it's something I can measure, I'll do that - meat, I'll cut a chunk off and set it to the side and then reweigh my portion to take away however much I set aside for her to have. Sometimes though, I just can't weigh 5 bites of cereal, or toast/etc.

I tend to eat at the lower end of my 1200 range, and I know from when I lost all my weight with spark before pregnancy, that I don't lose if I don't eat enough. So I am assuming I should allot myself some extra calories a day, but I'm not sure what's reasonable. 100 calories? 50? etc. Of course it varies by day - some days she wont touch what I eat if it's things she dislikes, other days I think she eats more of my food than I do!

Just looking for opinions, thanks :)

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