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Generally speaking, it's not muscle gain, AUSFAM. Muscle gain is a process that takes months or years, and is difficult to accomplish (if not impossible) at a calorie deficit. True muscle gain (that causes measurable increases on the scale) required training, calorie SURPLUS, and lots of protein for recovery. In short, it doesn't happen. ;) At a deficit, you can improve the quality of the muscle you have, but not generally the quantity. In just a month? That's not enough time to build significant muscle.

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4/17/13 1:41 P

It could also be muscle gain. When you first start building muscle, you'll notice a weight gain, but as that muscle begins to burn off fat, you'll notice a weight loss. It's a crazy cycle, but I'd just ignore the scale for a little while (2 weeks) until your body gets a little more regulated. If you continue to gain weight, I'd look at the foods your eating, especially salt. Best of luck to you! :)

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It certainly could be, and this article explains why:

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I'm 56 yrs. old. I joined Spark People on March 17th.
I have been tracking my calories and staying within my range for loosing. I added a 2 mile walk about 3 days a week.
I have noticed a weight gain.
Since I wasn't doing much exercise at all is it possible this gain is just water retention? My leg muscles are not sore, but they do feel sort of tight.

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