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6/26/13 4:10 P

I usually try to keep the carbs down. I looked back over the past week and it looks like I'm in the middle to hig end of my range. I'm at the low end of the protein range most days, though. Guess I'll watch the protein and see if I can boost that a bit.

Thanks again for the input. I appreciate it. Keep it coming. :)

WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
6/26/13 3:13 P

I agree with those suggesting you play with your calorie intake within your rang as well as the combination of fat/carb/protein as finding the right balance is different for everyone. Unlike the previous poster, I find if I'm at the higher end of my range, I lose faster, but that could also be because that usually translates to higher protein/lower carb.

Also, break out the tape measure. I've been stuck for awhile and really have only lost 1-1.5 pounds in the last month, but when I measure myself I find that I've lost over 3" and have to pay attention to avoid having my rings fall off.

As much as I have a number in mind for the scale, the visible results (inches lost) are just as important and show that my body composition is changing.

Also? I have SO MUCH more energy right now that I can't imagine going back to my old lifestyle.

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6/26/13 2:41 P

What is the balance of protein, fat and carbs in your calorie intake? What happens to me, is that even if I am within my calorie range, if I am eating too many carbs and not enough protein, I'll gain weight or stall out on my weight loss. Could something like this be happening with you?

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6/26/13 8:59 A

Thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate it. I am on Lexapro for anxiety and depression. I did notice that when I increased my dosage last summer, I gained some weight right away. The literature says the link with weight gain hasn't been established, but I'm a believer that there is a link. I also believe there's got to be a way to break that link and be able to lose weight. Just not sure how. I'll try to go toward the low end of my range and see if that helps.

Thanks all!

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6/25/13 11:47 P

You have had some good suggestions to follow. I will just add something that was suggested to me is to actually find YOUR calorie range. When I eat at the upper end of my range I gain weight; when I eat at the lower end of my range I lose weight. Also, are you taking any meds? Alot of us are, and in talking with our doctors have discovered they may be hindering weight loss. Keep coming back, it works if you work it, and you are worth it!
Together emoticon Blessings for the journey!

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6/25/13 9:52 P

Range is 1200-1550. My average is about 1450. It's a little higher on days I bike and lower on days I don't. I've been doing good at drinking all of my 8 glasses of water. I drink more than that on riding days.


6/25/13 8:19 P

Up and down two pounds is natural and is usually water weight. Just keep at it and those two pounds will go away in a few days. Keep sparking and it will happen.

6/25/13 7:41 P

It could be muscle gain if you've been working out. Also, your body may be retaining water if you've been working out or eating more carbs or salty food. Keep on keepin on!

6/25/13 7:20 P

What is your SP calorie range?
What is your daily calorie intake on average?

SP Registered Dietitian

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6/25/13 5:53 P

I keep seeing stuff that says if you track what you eat and track your exercise. I've been tracking both faithfully. I've been exercising and eating well since before I started tracking. My calorie intake is consistently within range. Unfortunately I've gained two pounds rather than losing. Sticking to the plan, but getting frustrated. Any suggestions?

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