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3/23/11 10:16 P

I might be wrong, but when I use them I drain and rinse if using canned, and then measure them out and add to the counter accordingly. The easiest is to cook beans from scratch (which is really easy and eliminates any guess work), but that can be difficult at times, especially if it's an impromptu meal.

The biggest thing about the canned beans, I think, is the sodium. If you're draining and rinsing them, you're eliminating most, but not all, of the sodium. That's why I prefer the cooked from scratch method.

Good luck!

3/21/11 3:58 P

How do you track canned beans when you cook!? I drain and rinse them, but on the can it says (for example) 160 grams/1/4 cup to a serving, servings 3.5 per can, but when I drain and rinse the beans and weigh them there are only "2.5" servings worth (the can people count the liquid when they do the nutrition info I guess.) do I put this into the spark recipe calculator???

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