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9/8/10 1:50 P

I have to keep close track of my Vitamin K intake, due to my Coumadin med. . so I googled and found a couple of sites where I can find the nutrients in foods.
You can do it. . I keep a daily log- on paper, not here.

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9/8/10 1:21 P

We do not have a way to track vitamin K since it is not something that is frequently included in data bases or on nutrition labels. Potassium K is for recording potassium (and the K is in reference to the periodic table and how it is recorded medically in charts or on blood work).

If you have a medical reason that you are tracking vitamin K, please confer with your medical team/Registered Dietitian for recommendations and information on high vitamin K foods and how frequently you should consume them. Tracking would be on a food/day basis and tests to monitor levels.

If there isn't a medical reason to monitor, it is likely safe to assume you are meeting your needs with a varied diet since it is found in vegetables like broccoli and potatoes as well as dairy, chicken and corn oils.

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9/8/10 11:22 A

I believe vitamin K is one our bodies make, and we only get deficiencies when we use a lot of laxitives (for example if we are on medication that makes us constipated and we need constant help of laxitives). My information is many years old on that though.

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9/8/10 11:22 A

If you're eating a varied diet and generally getting enough other vitamins on a regular basis, you're *probably* getting enough Vitamin K as well.

I don't know exactly where you saw "Potassium, K" listed, but I imagine that the K is there because "K" is the chemical symbol for potassium on the periodic table. You're right that vitamin K is a different compound. :)

9/8/10 11:10 A

Do you know that you have a Vitamin K deficiency? According to several sites I have seen a Vitamin K deficiency is very rare. You can get way more than a RDA with a cup of spinach but not all nutrients are required to be on a nutritional label.

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9/8/10 8:43 A

Lately I have been researching the nutritional values of any food item not listed on Spark Pages and entering them whenever I can.
I am a bit confused when adding Vitamin K as on Spark pages there is no Vitamin k, it is listed as "Potassium, K" and there is a potassium also listed separately. I know potassium is a mineral and Vitamin K is a vitamin. How would I correctly add the vitamin K values? Should I enter the vitamin k where it says Potassium,K?

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