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SIMONEKP Posts: 2,696
8/28/13 1:33 P

haven't heard of it, good luck

C-MERRIE11 Posts: 748
8/28/13 11:48 A

Thanks to all who read my full q ;) and offered help! Yes, I was curious if anyone else who had done it had decided on a cardio (yes I knooooow it's not strength training) equivalency since I had no access to hrm and didn't want to be either over or under estimating the caloric burn (breastfeeding, so important for my energy levels not to eat too little). That particular video is ALL jumping, and so while I logged it as cardio dance my DH was pretty sure the estimated calorie burn was too low :) anyway, long story short I was able to borrow a hrm and found it burned about the same number if cals as 'circuit training-bootcamp' in the spark log- not the curves kind, but the bootcamp (lots of cals). Again, thanks everyone for weighing in. Now it's finally not 0 degrees outside and my dear babe can go longer than 45 minutes between nursing sessions, so I'm out running, etc. and don't need a massive variety of indoor cardio DVDs to keep me entertained :) Cheers!

VANITYFAIR56 SparkPoints: (121)
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3/12/13 7:16 P

Well,all I can say is it gets great results, and is HARDER than you would think

3/12/13 3:18 P

In reviewing the various YouTube videos of the programme it appears to me to be 1900s aerobics revisited with some barbie bell weights added. They seem similar to what JM is selling but a bit less frenetic. In my opinion it is a cardio workout for recording purposes.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
3/12/13 2:01 P

I think C-MERRIE11 has actually read the link, which says to choose an appropriately similar activity, she's just asking the other user's opinion of which activity she thinks is most similar. :)

I'm not familiar with it, but if you're considering high impact aerobics remember that is where you have both feet leaving the ground together. It would need to involve a lot of leaping and jumping to be classified similarly to that.

If it's dance, it's probably more likely a dance entry or low impact aerobics, as while there might be some jumping, you're probably more often stepping.

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VANITYFAIR56 SparkPoints: (121)
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3/12/13 1:49 P

Hey, I don't really do the fitness tracker here(prob should) lol. With the tonique I just do all the mat workouts but use some other low impact aerobics for cardio(my joints won't take it anymore!).But if you're doing the cardio toniques I would think they'd be high impact?

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,267)
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3/12/13 12:27 P

C-MERRIE11 - the link Unident posted should help you figure out how to track it. :)

C-MERRIE11 Posts: 748
3/12/13 11:23 A

vanityfair- how have you been entering your tonique workouts in your sparkpeople fitness tracker? Ive just put it in as cardio dance.... should it be high impact aerobics?

COOKIE352 Posts: 443
3/12/13 10:17 A

I never heard of it. I have to do some research.

VANITYFAIR56 SparkPoints: (121)
Fitness Minutes: (60)
Posts: 9
3/12/13 9:46 A

I"ve been doing a rotation using tonique workouts and Horizontal Conditioning

C-MERRIE11 Posts: 748
1/8/13 1:37 P

haha, yeah its obscure... thanks for the pointer!

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/8/13 1:16 P

Never heard of it, but here's an article on how to track that which isn't already in the tracker:

C-MERRIE11 Posts: 748
1/8/13 12:14 P

Hey! Anyone else doing Tonique? How do you track it?

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