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1/23/14 8:49 A

Thanks Jen

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 61,439
1/23/14 8:47 A

See the link I provided below. It explains why you can't track sugar in your Nutrition Tracker.

Coach Jen

LINMAR2004 SparkPoints: (4,795)
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1/23/14 7:30 A

I'm fairly new to Sparkpeople and was looking for a place to "track" my sugars. Although I recognize that there are many hidden sugars I would at least like to track what's on the packaging or what is commonly known. Currently all I'm tracking is protein, carbs and fats. Is there a way to edit for sugars? Thank you

FROGMAN2013 SparkPoints: (1,747)
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6/12/13 12:44 P

Here is how I track sugar. I take the carbohydrates and subtract the fiber. That gives me the Net Carbs, which is basically all the stuff that turns into sugar before it hits my blood stream. There is functionally very little difference between the carbohydrate found in nuts, breads, fruit, dairy, or chocolate cake. They all turn into sugar in your digestive tract.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 61,439
6/12/13 7:26 A

Here's a little more detail on why you can't track sugar in your nutrition tracker:

Coach Jen

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6/12/13 3:11 A

If it were possible it might be, the the fact is, sugar is hidden in many foods, in many ways. Sugar is also present in fruits and veges, and also have many very important nutrients.but you can't really ditch those, just to keep you sugar level down, unless you are a diabetic, in which case it is a matter of choosing carefully so that your total carbs are at the appropriate level with each meal.

If you don't consume the processed foods - cakes, sweets, soda, lots of breakfast cereals, etc. - then you will reduce the unhealthy sugars.


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6/12/13 12:48 A

We are all well aware of the dangers too much sugar can do to a diet; which is why I'm wondering...why are we not tracking sugar content along with fat, carbs, calories and protein on our spark nutrition pages??? Wouldn't this be helpful???

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