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1/1/13 1:59 P

Choose the next nearest speed if it's not exact.

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12/31/12 11:19 P

I just measure my calorie burn with a HRM, and enter it all manually, so I can use any app I like to track my distance, etc.

12/31/12 5:02 P

What if the speed spark has listed doesn't seem to correspond with the speed the app gave me? It does this especially for biking.

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12/26/12 7:09 P

I also do that when using the MapMyWalk app. It doesn't take long at all (compared to entering in nutrition anyway) and you can get precise credit since the map program records those for you.

Now that it's cold and snowy out, I've switched my walking indoors to the treadmill and got a fitbit - so now it records my steps instead (automatically since SP lets you link up directly).

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12/21/12 2:51 P

If your app gives you the speed that you walked and the amount of time that you walked, you can enter that into Spark. Go into the fitness tracker and search for walking. It will give you a list of speeds. Select your speed (3.5 mph for example) then enter the number of minutes that you walked.

12/20/12 2:07 P

Does anyone else use the map my walk app on their iphone and am having difficulties transfering the information over to Sparkpeople tracker? I am. I have been using the map my walk app because if tracks where you have gone, the distance, and time, and speed average as you walk. I just tried to use it for biking too and had a hard time adjusting to track it. I like it being able to use it while I am working out. I know spark tracker has a map your walk but that is after the fact and not available on an app. Is there another free app that works better with sparkpeople? Any suggestions?

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