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9/28/13 4:35 A

My late husband had very bad OCD :-(

IF you find that it is causing you to be really obsessive, then perhaps just making healthy choices; downsizing your dinner plate, and portioning your food properly would be enough to help you on your journey. Your plate should be 1/4 lean protein; 1/4 carbs (not processed) and the rest a rainbow of colour. Try to keep dressings to a minimum, if you MUST have them. Also, make sure that you get some healthy fats into your diet.

Get plenty of fruits/veges into your day - 5 minimum but aim for a lot more.Pasta can be extended with a variety of veges - just reduce the pasta itself.

Good luck,

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
9/28/13 4:33 A

I don't know lol. I love tracking things in my life so for me it is a healthy and fun habit and not OCD.

It is really how you feel about it that counts. It isn't about anyone else who may feel bothered about your tracking or not tracking.

If you want to reduce tracking calories, you might just use a paper log and make minimal notes and not track online at all.

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9/28/13 2:23 A

It's important to stay on track

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9/28/13 2:12 A

Great advice!

ANARIE Posts: 13,123
9/28/13 1:49 A

There's a difference between being obsessive and being meticulous. You're the only one who really knows how this makes you feel. (And it's only what YOU feel that matters. BF has no say in what and how you eat.) If tracking truly causes you intense anxiety and fear, and if it takes longer and longer instead of getting easier after the first few weeks, then it might not be right for you.

But sometimes people get called (or call themselves) obsessive when they're really just being careful. Think about it like you think about money. If you spend half an hour a night balancing your checkbook, planning your expenses for the next few days, and checking to see whether you're on track with the monthly budget, people don't call you obsessive. They call you responsible and smart. And what's more important, your money or your health? Following a budget takes the fun out of shopping and going out with friends, but it's something you eventually have to come to terms with, especially if you have overspent in the past. Being overweight and being in debt are a lot alike- in both cases, you have to sacrifice some things now to make up for having too much in the past, so that you'll be able to have a comfortable future.

To make it easier, you don't really have to make all your nutrients balanced every day. Start by just staying in your calorie range and getting rid of obvious junk food. Notice your nutrient values, but don't worry about them; just use that as your guideline for what to eat if you're low on calories or what to skip if your planned calories for the next day come out too high. Maybe count vegetable servings instead of worrying about specific vitamins, for example. Once you've been meeting calorie and veggie targets for several weeks, *then* you can decide whether you need to be more specific about nutrient balances.

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9/27/13 6:03 P

It really isn't about him and what he wants, it is about how you feel comfortable in your journey.

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9/27/13 4:54 P

I was there myself several years back. I make REALLY good use of both my "Favorites" and my "Groupings," which hugely minimized the time I had to spend logging what I ate. It takes a bit more time in the beginning to set them up, but was really worth it.

You may already be doing that, but you didn't say so, so it was just a thought.

Good luck!

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9/27/13 3:33 P

Tracking food can definitely cause a person to lapse into OCD. What you could do is instead of logging on SP, you could write down your choices in a notebook. People did keep track of food choices long before the computer ever entered our homes.

You could also log for one entire month just to see if your choices are reasonably healthy ones. If you're eating healthfully for one whole month, you could then cut back and only track say Monday through Friday. If you think you're eating right during the week, then only log the weekends. I know many members go a little wild on the weekends, so you may feel better just logging on days you eat a little more than expected.

You really don't have to be perfect to be healthy. If you feel you're eating habits are reasonably healthy, I would cut back. Some people do need to log everything. Some don't.

Just a few thoughts.

STEPHERS27 Posts: 56
9/27/13 3:26 P

Hi everybody!, I need a little advice for my tracking, How can I keep track with out getting obsessive about it, my boyfriend hates when I obsess over this stuff and I do also I don't want to spend hours tracking my food and stressing over making all my nutrients balanced it takes the fun out of the spark and out of cooking with my BF. I need some help please! emoticon

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