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GRACILU Posts: 466
9/19/13 10:47 A

I track my calories burned, steps, etc with a Fitbit One. I has motivated me more than ever before. I have lost 22 pounds just this year alone since February. I don't think I've lost that in any of my weight loss endeavors before. Plus, it gives me a good indication of my sleep patterns then I can adjust how I go about my day.

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (98,151)
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9/18/13 7:51 P

I track it as low impact aerobics. But I only track it if I dance 3 songs consecutively at least.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 63,427
9/18/13 6:36 P

This Ask the Expert might help:

Coach Jen

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9/18/13 6:29 P

I finally opened my Just Dance 3 game today and holy mackerel how did I not play it before?! That was fun!!

The only problem is...I have NO idea how to track my time playing it at all! How do you estimate how much you've burned?

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