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12/3/12 10:23 A

Hi Paul

You can add your own exercises to the tracker and save them as favorites. You can also create workouts from those favorites, so that if you do the same routine 3x/wk, you can just add that routine with one click instead of having to add each exercise individually.

Hope that helps. If you aren't sure how to do that within the tracker, let me know.

Coach Jen

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12/3/12 9:50 A

Hi Yall,
Even on the frosty mornings, I'm managing to get my walks in..Skipped a couple days due to the rain .. I used my bowflex on both off days, for my walking/cardio..

My question is ... Do you any of you know how to list Bowflex workouts on the fitness tracker... ??

With bowflex, you can do almost any thing you can do in a standard gym, in a quarter the time, and you have no wasted time riding across town, and spending money on gasoline.

My last workout, I did inclined dumbell presses, dumbell flys,tricep extensions, pullovers, reverse tricep extensions, all from the same position, one behind the other.. Gets my aerobic and anaerobic intensity up with this too.. From here, I move to standing tri cep pull downs, and then seated lat pull downs, forward and reverse grips... A good workout, and no way to list it... If any of you can help, please holler at me...

There is a possibility that I have overlooked it somehow, and I'd love to know how to list my work outs..I have been using bowflex for about 4 years now, and I love how you can go from one exercise to another without even having to change positions. The only thing I need to move for is to increase, or decrease the resistance bars and change to a different exercise...

Thanks in advance if you can help me... PB

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